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Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 15 Matti & Mika: Spring Meltdown: Chapter 15
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-05-05 10:16:19
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“Matti, are you alright?” asked Anu, the beautiful magpie that had been flying beside Matti over the last two days. They hadn’t gone very far, yet Matti had wanted to see just a bit more of the south before returning home…wherever that was. It was strange but he had the feeling that he had given up on his dream to travel south and, as the elf had said just a few days before, he could see more and more birds returning from that direction. Matti snapped out of his own thoughts and realized that Anu had asked him a question, although he had no idea what she had said, “Have you ever been south, Anu?”

“No, Matti, I’ve never been any further south than where we are now, but why would I? The way I see it, there cannot be much difference from here to there to everywhere, otherwise why do the birds return year after year?” Once again Matti had to admit that there was logic in her words, plus he found it hard to argue with somebody that was so pretty. “And,” she continued, “the only ones to constantly complain about the temperature are the sparrows!"

A short distance away was a single sparrow sat on an electricity wire, "Look at him, Matti. Sparrows are small defenseless birds that never migrate south, just like magpies, although we don't live inside nests built from mud!" laughed Anu. The sparrow on the wire had been listening to the conversation about him and flew over, "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear you talking but I just had to say that some sparrows do migrate and, actually, our mud nests are very warm and expertly built!" Matti and Anu looked at one another and then the sparrow flew off.

Matti watched the bird become a black dot on the horizon and then turned back to Anu, "It's all so complicated! What am I going to do now, Anu? I can't go back home and say that I didn’t complete my adventure because I missed them all!” Anu shook her head in amazement, “You really think that this is not a good reason, Matti? What makes you think that it is bad to admit that you miss your friends and that you need them?” Matti kept staring at the big city trying to avoid Anu’s pretty eyes that would not stop looking at him. “But, Anu, I want to have adventures and to prove my bravery. If I go home then I will have nothing!"

“Nothing!" exclaimed Anu, making Matti jump, "Nothing! Wake up, Matti, you have had many adventures, more adventures than I have ever had and am likely to have. I could never have faced two Svalbardian Ice Eagles or had the bravery to stand up to another magpie that was doing something bad – and that is just two stories that you have told me since we met!" Matti couldn't believe how logical and clever Anu was and how he had never been able to answer her questions; also her feathers were so shiny.

"Matti, you have done and learnt so much that you are not the same little Matti that left your friends!” Matti had to admit that he had noticed his reflection in the water of a small stream and was sure he had become taller and somehow …bigger, plus he was sure that his wings were much, much bigger now than they were a few months ago. "You have learnt that there is danger all around, you discovered that there are good and bad birds, some that are ready to steal from you or even try to kill you. Yet you never gave up and now you are still thinking about going even further south."

Anu lowered her voice and looked into Matti's eyes, "Matti, have you realized that if you keep going south you will eventually go back to where you started? You see, you are missing home so much that you will always be going south in order to return to your friends and family waiting for you." Matti didn’t say anything for a long time; well, there was a lot to think about and Anu hadn't helped by saying these things out loud – it always made him feel worse when his thoughts were outside his head.

Yes, Anu was right again - he didn't know whether to love or hate her for being correct every single time. At that moment all he wanted to do was to sit beside a lake with his friend Mika and tell him about all of his adventures since they had gone their separate ways. For the first time in too long, Matti began to wonder if his friend was ok and whether Mika had any stories to tell him.

Matti jumped up, stretched out his wings and turned to Anu, “Can I ask you something?” Anu tipped her head to one side and smiled, "Yes Matti, anything you want!” A smile flashed across Matti's face and his eyes sparkled, “Would you like to meet my friend, Mika Moose?” Anu stretched out her elegant wings, smiled back at Matti and said, “When do we start?”

The End

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Simon2007-05-05 14:37:22
Come back soon Matti and Mika.

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