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the Total Elimination
of Nuclear Weapons

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UN-led International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear WeaponsUN-led International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons by Rene Wadlow
The United Nations General Assembly has designated 26 September as the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, being celebrated this year for the third time... (Add a comment)
The woman that was a starlingThe woman that was a starling by Abigail George
Put the lion in his magnificent cell and worship him there. In my dream leaves turn into milk quietly. Daylight crushed (Add a comment)
The Anglo Unilateralists StrikeThe Anglo Unilateralists Strike by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
When President Joe Biden won the White House, he promised, with a facility of unceasing boredom, that diplomacy was back. "Diplomacy is back at the centre of our foreign policy," he stated on February 4. "As I said in my inaugural... (Add a comment)
Ephemera 21#19Ephemera 21#19 by Thanos Kalamidas
Ephemera: a word with ancient Greek roots meaning 'something that is produced or created that is never meant to last or be remembered'. (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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European Day of LanguagesEuropean Day of Languages by The Ovi Team
26 September 2021
September 26th; there have never been more opportunities to work or study in a different European country - but lack of language competence prevents many people from taking advantage of them. (1 comment)
Kennedy-Nixon debateKennedy-Nixon debate by The Ovi Team
26 September 2021
September 26th 1960; for the first time in U.S. history, a debate between major party presidential candidates is shown on television. The presidential hopefuls, John F. Kennedy, a Democratic senator of Massachusetts... (Add a comment)
The Right to Clean Air in JakartaThe Right to Clean Air in Jakarta by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
25 September 2021
It seems utterly beyond debate but acknowledging legal rights to clean hair has assumed the makings of a slow march over the years. The 1956 Clean Air Act in Britain arose from the lethal effects of London's 1952 killer smog... (Add a comment)
The Function FilterThe Function Filter by Jan Sand
25 September 2021
Human history is rife in speculation to explain The inherent logic of the forms of life That dominate our world - how it could be Every living thing we see works so well (Add a comment)
Germany and its Neo-imperial questGermany and its Neo-imperial quest by Ovi Magazine Guest
25 September 2021
In January 2021, eight months ago, when rumours about the possibility of appointment of Christian Schmidt as the High Representative in Bosnia occurred for the first time, I published the text under the title 'Has Germany Lost... (Add a comment)
Tang & Ram 21#17Tang & Ram 21#17 by Thanos Kalamidas
25 September 2021
Putting pieces together never helped Ram's brutal sarcasm to Tang. (Add a comment)
Little Rock school crisisLittle Rock school crisis by The Ovi Team
25 September 2021
September 25th 1957; Nine African-American children were finally able to attend Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. But they had to be surrounded by more than 1,000 US paratroopers to protect them from segregationist whites. (Add a comment)
Michael DouglasMichael Douglas by The Ovi Team
25 September 2021
September 25th; on this day in 1944, Michael Douglas, who will become one of Hollywood's A-list stars in the 1980s with such blockbuster films as Wall Street and Fatal Attraction, is born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. (Add a comment)
Afghanistan: A Month of Questions and No Clear RepliesAfghanistan: A Month of Questions and No Clear Replies by Rene Wadlow
24 September 2021
It is a month that the Taliban forces have taken control of Kabul, a symbol that they now control the state. In addition to the Taliban, there are an estimated 10,000 foreign fighters in some 20 Islamist groups. (Add a comment)
Think of Sisyphus Think of Sisyphus by Nikos Laios
24 September 2021
Death comes When a man stops Feeling, When the pain Of living Fades. (Add a comment)
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