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Problems of UnderestimationProblems of Underestimation by Jan Sand
When I was a kid, which was quite a few years ago, I visited a dentist quite often. In those days, the dental drill rumbled slowly towards the tooth nerve uncooled by water jets and exquisitely tortured the unanaesthesized victim's nerve system. (Add a comment)
Where the River BendsWhere the River Bends by George Cassidy Payne
Our memories were Once possibilities of God's timeless perfection (Add a comment)
Minilateralism for the future of Europe and its strategic neighbourhoodMinilateralism for the future of Europe and its strategic neighbourhood by Ovi Magazine Guest
The list of global and regional challenges that affect the Euro-Med region is too long to discuss here in depth. Clearly, the region experiences soft and hard security challenges and conflicts over... (Add a comment)
Screws & Chips 21#02Screws & Chips 21#02 by Thanos Kalamidas
In a galaxy far, far away, intelligence demonstrated by screws and chips, boldly gone where no robot has gone before! (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Nelson Mandela becomes SA's first black presidentNelson Mandela becomes SA's first black president by The Ovi Team
10 May 2021
May 10th 1994; Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa's first black president Nelson Mandela has become South Africa's first black president after more than three centuries of white rule. Mr. Mandela's African National Congress (ANC) party won 252 of the (1 comment)
No high school diploma, and no university degreeNo high school diploma, and no university degree by Abigail George
09 May 2021
My father called me Desire in bed, my father called me Love until my mind was diseased, and my mother called me Wanda. My father plucked my virginal-innocence until there was nothing left of it... (Add a comment)
To a Friend Who Died in the SwampTo a Friend Who Died in the Swamp by Shola Balogun
09 May 2021
Rivers meet in my eyes for you. Transfixed on the veiled Mound of the swamp, Lone Beholder of unsteady opera On rotten marble, You saw the reeds dancing To unknown winding plight, Smothering storms broken At your feet. (Add a comment)
A Very British Case: Postmasters and Miscarriages of JusticeA Very British Case: Postmasters and Miscarriages of Justice by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
09 May 2021
British justice is a splendidly odd animal. Its miscarriage is one of those wonders of institutional repetition. When textbooks are written on the subject, one will feature prominently. (Add a comment)
Sceptic feathers 21#06Sceptic feathers 21#06 by Thanos Kalamidas
09 May 2021
Cynicism with feathers on thin wires. (Add a comment)
The Schuman DeclarationThe Schuman Declaration by The Ovi Team
09 May 2021
9th May is Europe Day, commemorating the Schuman Declaration.The Schuman Declaration was presented by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950. It proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, whose members would... (1 comment)
Buffalo Bill's Wild West showBuffalo Bill's Wild West show by The Ovi Team
09 May 2021
May 9th 1887; Buffalo Bill's Wild West show opens in London, giving Queen Victoria and her subjects their first look at real cowboys and Indians. Though his Wild West show waned in popularity in the 20th century-in part because of competition from thousa (Add a comment)
The beer-pump handleThe beer-pump handle by The Ovi Team
09 May 2021
May 9th 1785; Joseph Bramah patented the beer-pump handle. Joseph Bramah was born in Stainborough, Yorkshire, England, in 1748, the son of a farmer. After the most basic of elementary educations... (Add a comment)
The Prelude to Putin's Power PlayThe Prelude to Putin's Power Play by Bohdan Yuri
08 May 2021
On April 22nd, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shogun declared the maneuvers in Krim and western Russia a success. All troops would be returned to their permanent bases by May 1st. (Add a comment)
CreedCreed by David Sparenberg
08 May 2021
There is no blood on my hands; no blood-lust in my heart. (Add a comment)
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