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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 9 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 9
by Thanos K & Asa B
2007-12-08 17:13:21
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Once all the hellos and hugs had been completed for a second time, Posi turned back to his two new friends and grinned, “There is no better feeling than coming home after a long time away, especially when all the family is also here!” Posi saw Mika’s eyes fill with sadness and patted the moose on the nose, “There’s no need for sadness, old moose. Everything will work out just fine…wait and see! Now, you two could probably do with some food.” Nobody will ever be sure, but it looked as though Matti did a little dance.

Posi led them through the courtyard towards the ornate wooden door that Mika had been staring at only moments earlier, as they got closer you could see the door was covered with intricate carvings of animals, elves, trees, plants and objects that were unfamiliar to Mika. The moose’s heart was beating fast and he tried to be calm as Posi struggled to find the right key for the lock; what was behind the door and would it lead him back to his herd?

The room they entered was huge in every direction – left, right, forward and up – if Matti had been brave he might have flown upwards for hours before reaching the roof, yet from the outside it looked like a tiny house with a large door. Strange. A big room demands a big table and this room was equipped with a table large enough to fit hundreds of moose and thousands of little magpies.

Matti was flapping around trying to see where all the food had been hidden, but he couldn’t see even a single crumb. The table had plates, mugs, dishes, bowls and pans, but they were all empty. “Where’s the food? I thought you said there would be food!” squawked the hungry bird as he flew back and forth over the biggest table he had ever seen.

“Calm down, Matti! You need to say some magic words before you can eat. It is an ancient elf tradition. Close your eyes, you too Mika, and repeat after me: Lay the table for my taste, but stay away from my waist!” After the words had been said, Matti slowly opened one eye and peaked at the table. Both his eyes flew wide open at the sight now before him as part of the table was filled with all of his favorite food and drink.

Everybody’s favorite foods were spread out on the table, except Mika’s, “It doesn’t seemed to have worked for me, oh well, not surprising I guess…” Posi held up his hand and then pointed to the ground, the stone floor had magically became a delicious buffet for Mika, with all his favorites mosses and shrubs, plus long green blades of grass that just melt in the mouth of a moose. No orange leaves and burps this time.

“Mika, look! I mean look!” The magpie was pointing at everything with creamy claws, “I’m in heaven! I love elves! I love you, Mika! I love you all!” Nobody could hear anymore once Matti had plunged his head into a chocolate cake. “Come now Mr. Moose, aren’t you going to follow your friend?” Uuno said, “I hope you can show better table manners!”

Once everybody had eaten far more than they should have and the stress of the journey had melted from their minds, an old elf appeared from a little door. He carried a small clipboard that had lots of paper attached and his hat had some gold around the rim, “You must be Mr. Mika Moose. I am Steemi, the chief elf here, and I am delighted to meet such a famous individual. Mr. Posi has told me all about you, your cream-covered feathered friend and your adventures!” Mika was not used to this kind of attention, he was a quiet moose that had always kept himself to himself, but now he was the centre of attention, and he was a little too huge to disappear into the background, “Umm, thank you Steemi, the food was delicious and your hospitality has been quite generous. Posi told me, err, that you might be able to help me find…”

Mika was interrupted by another elf running up to Steemi who whispered something obviously important to him, “I’m really sorry Mr. Moose, but as you well know these are very busy days for our little community and the chief elf is always needed somewhere.” And without a second of delay, he disappeared back into the doorway.

Johan was about to light his small wooden pipe with his tobacco-mint blend, when he said to Mika. “That is one important elf!“ Johan looked around to make sure that everybody could hear him, “He has to organize and remember so many things, plus he has to be careful with every single detail because every child’s happiness depends upon it!” Johan puffed on his pipe, “Posi could explain everything to you. I’m just a dwarf! Where is Posi?”

They all looked around, but Posi had gone. “Matti, where is Posi? He was sat next to you,” asked Johan. Matti looked up from his grooming, “Who? What? Where? Is it time to eat again?” Everybody sighed. Mika walked to the mighty door and looked outside to try to spot Posi’s white feather, instead he saw dozens of elves looking very busy, carrying boxes, giving instructions or going somewhere – they all seemed to be in a jolly rush.

Mika could have watched this organized chaos for hours, but his attention returned to the noise of a door being opened back inside the large dining room. In fact, everybody, including Matti, had stopped what they were doing and were now staring at a big man dressed in red that had appeared. The stunned silence was broken by a loud laugh, ”Ho! Ho! Ho!”

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