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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 8 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 8
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-19 10:11:53
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Everything had changed in appearance outside the cave. The snowstorm had piled snow upon snow, which was then carefully balanced upon more snow; the sight was amazing. However, it was so white and bright that Mika could barely see anything, especially after the darkness of the cave. The air was so fresh that Mika’s nose tingled and clouds of his breath hung motionless around him.

“Arghh!” squawked Matti, who had changed back into his usual chatty self after leaving the dark cave, “I’m being attacked by Mika’s bad breath…help!” He flapped his wings and the condensation vanished, “Come on, Mika. Let’s get moving otherwise the smell of your stinky breath will get stuck in my feathers!” Mika was about to growl at the magpie when a huge burp came out instead, “Urghhh! You are disgusting, Mika!”

Posi’s cheeks glowed red from laughter and once he had calmed himself enough to talk, he said, “That’s my fault, Mika. Sorry! It is the sign that the effects of the orange leave I gave you have worn off…don’t worry it happens to everybody!” Mika was too embarrassed to answer and Matti was enjoying his friend’s humiliation, “Haha, Mr Burp! That was the best you have smelt since I met you, although I am glad it came out the head end! Mr Gassy Moose, haha…BURP!” Matti had forgotten that he had also eaten the orange leaf and didn’t say another word for a long time.

The journey was not too difficult, especially with Posi leading the way. The elf knew all the shortcuts and warned of any dangerous ice on the path, so they were making good time. Even though the snowstorm had only just stopped, you could see lots of fresh tracks in the snow. There appeared to be all sort of tracks from elf footprints to animal prints, plus, to Mika’s astonishment, there were hoof prints made by either a reindeer or a moose. He suddenly felt very optimistic about find his herd.

A soft sound of bells and singing could be heard in the distance and gradually the scene around them started to change. Somewhere on the horizon Mika could see some sparkling lights that looked as though stars had landed on earth and they seemed to be producing a magnificent glow. “Is that where we are going?” asked Matti, “I hope so because it looks beautiful and I bet they have warm little beds for tired magpies.” Posi exchanged a warm smile with Johan, “It is a place where dreams come true,” but his thick scarf muffled his voice.

Matti was now standing on top of Mika’s head and even flew up into the sky occasionally, “I still can’t see anything! How much further, Posi?” The elf winked at Matti and pointed. The small snow hills in front of them seemed to move like they were waves on an ocean and suddenly the air around them was filled with the sweet smell of cinnamon. The bells and singing that had remained a distant sound during the whole journey increased in volume and seemed as though it was coming from all around them.

mika07_400“Welcome, welcome! We were expecting you, hot cocoa is ready and chocolate cookies are served!” boomed the deep voice, “Of course, we also have delicacies for our four-legged and winged guests!” The voice belonged to a tall snowman, which had appeared from nowhere making Mika and Matti jump. He wore an old brown canvas hat, he had two black rocks for eyes, a crooked orange carrot for a nose, a long red scarf that reached the ground and held a broom in his right-hand.

“Come, come this way!” Mika was still staring at the snowman. He had never seen a snowman talking before and wanted to ask more questions than Matti had done on the entire journey. Matti’s frenzied jumping on his head shook him back to his senses and he saw Johan and Posi were greeting and shaking hands with dozens of other little men and women; he had never heard so much laughter in one place.

There were small wooden houses surrounding a small town square and each was decorated with bright colors and little lights that twinkled. Everywhere you looked you could see elves carrying boxes, eating biscuits, playing, jumping, skipping, laughing and having a great time. The air was sweet with the smell of freshly cooked cookies, mugs of hot cocoa were being offered and Matti was shaking with excitement, “Pinch me, Mika! Am I dreaming?”

Matti had become hysterical, flapping his wings and hopping around touching everything with his beak to make sure that was not just in his imagination. “Look at all these people, and I look so…so…I need a mirror!” Mika wasn’t listening to the complaints of his vane friend because a beautifully carved door at the end of the square had captured his attention. It was unlike all the other doors and his instinct told him that something wonderful could be found behind it.

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