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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 7 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 7
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-17 10:50:37
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The curiosity was making one particular moose very excited. Mika couldn’t help imagining all the different ways that the elf may help him and they all concluded with being reunited with his family. Mika had heard many stories about the skills and abilities of elves, although he had always thought they were just stories told to children. 

Mika knew that there were different kinds of elves, such as Hill Elves, Lake Elves, Forest Elves and of course Snow Elves, but he didn’t know to which group Posi belonged. All these elves had something that helped you to distinguish them from one another; for example, the elves of the forest have small colourful leaves on their clothes and the elves of the lakes have bright blue eyes, yet Posi had neither of these.

The only noticeable difference that Posi had was a beautiful white feather attached to his hat. Mika found it strange that he hadn’t noticed it before now, but now he couldn’t take his eyes from it. It seemed to cast a hypnotic spell with its gentle swaying and it took great effort for Mika to look away. After Mika had shaken his head to end the floating feeling the feather had caused, he saw Matti had also been mesmerized by the white feather.

“Are you okay, Matti? Mika asked quietly. The bird jumped and looked confused, “Err, yes, Mika, umm, I don’t know!” Matti shook his head, wiggled his body and then stretched out his wings, “What a strange feeling!” Posi turned around, “I see you have been under the spell of Mrs. White’s feather. Sorry! It has that effect on some, but it isn’t dangerous…more like relaxing”

“Does she know that you have it?” asked Matti without thinking. Posi laughed, “Of course, of course! Mrs. White is a swan I helped last spring with her nest. She was very sweet to give me one of her prized feathers as a thank you present and since then I haven’t taken it off my hat.”

Matti suddenly realized the rudeness of his question and felt guilty, Posi wasn’t a feather thief waiting for birds to fall asleep so he could steal feathers. “Ohhh, I never thought that you stole it! I mean…” Matti began to blush, “It’s just that…errr, ummm…” Mika coughed loudly, “That’s enough, Matti! We know what you meant.” Matti was so embarrassed that he went to sit by himself and pretended to sleep.

Posi walked over to Mika and patted him on the head, “Don’t worry, Mika, the feather can make you say some strange things without realising you are doing so. Matti didn’t mean any harm. He is a sweet bird. How did he end up with you?” Mika was about to tell the long story when Uuno interrupted, “Listen! Can you hear anything?” The cave fell quiet with ears all trying to hear what Uuno had heard, but there was just silence.

Matti slowly hopped back to Mika and was hiding beneath his legs, so he could plan his attack if needed or just hide. After a minute of silence, Matti suddenly heard something booming, “I can hear something! I can hear something!” exclaimed the magpie. Everybody looked at him, “Can’t you hear it? It makes a steady boom, boom, boom sound in my ears!” The room relaxed and Mika sighed, “That is the beat of your own heart, Matti!” There was some laughter in the room and Matti went to hide beneath Mika once again.

“I can’t hear anything!” said Missa to Uuno, “What did you hear?” Uuno jumped up and down in excitement, “There is nothing to hear because the wind has stopped!” The wind had stopped meaning that the storm had ended and it would be soon safe for everybody to leave the cave. The atmosphere became light-hearted and there was an air of anticipation that something big was about to happen.

After a while Mika asked Posi, “So, where are we going? My curiosity is making me nervous!” Mr. Posi stroked his tiny small beard and straightened his feather, “I thought you knew where we were going. You have been following us!” Mika was confused for a moment and then realised the misunderstanding, “No, we were just following the footprints in the snow hoping they would lead us to somewhere and to somebody who could help.”

“Well, Mika, it seems that you have reached somewhere and somebody who can help. The final destination holds all sorts of answers, Mr. Moose, you will see,” said Posi. Matti peaked out from behind Mika’s front legs, “I have just one question, Mr. Posi. How long will it take to get there?”

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