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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 6 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 6
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-16 10:31:28
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The cave was dark and the sound of their footsteps echoed around them, and they all felt happier now the snowstorm was safely behind them. Mika continued to follow Uuno through the tunnel, although he was really just following the tingling of the bell upon Uuno’s hat. Matti was straining his eyes and ears trying to be on his guard when he suddenly led out a loud squawk that made Mika and Uuno jump, “Mika, there is somebody in here with us!”

A soft smell of tobacco mixed with mint filled Mika and Matti’s nostrils, which started to make them both a bit dizzy, but Uuno gave a big sniff of his nose and exclaimed, “Cousin Johan, is that you?” Suddenly, they were blinded by the lighting of a lamp that revealed they were in a room with a number of other little people. “Ha! I told you we wouldn’t be alone here. Hello everybody! I brought some friends to this cave party!”

“Don’t worry, little bird, they are all friendly and like magpies!” Mika gave a deep moose laugh that Matti had never heard before and the magpie relaxed enough to give a shy wave with his wing. Uuno was shaking hands with everybody and telling the story of how he met Mika and Matti, and then he spotted his Cousin Johan smoking his pipe in one of the little wooden rocking chairs, “I knew it was you! I would be able to recognize that blend of tobacco just anywhere!”

After they had finished hugging, shaking hands, slapping each other on the back, laughing and more hand shaking, Uuno introduced him to Mika and Matti. “Pleased to meet you Mr. Moose and Master Magpie, my name is Mr. Johan and this is my friend Miisa,” said the little man as he pointed to another dwarf that had suddenly appeared beside Mika, making him jump.

Both men were wearing brilliantly-coloured coats and both had red pointy hats on their heads, both had bells that tinkled when they laughed. Mr. Johan had a small wooden pipe in his mouth that filled the air with small puffs of smoke, while Miisa was leaning upon a carved walking stick that had something sparkling at the top. “It is an honour meeting you both,” Mika said, with Matti murmuring something behind him.

“And I am Posi!” called out another voice making Matti jump once more! ‘Of course,’ Mika thought, ‘there were elf tracks as well.’ Posi was much thinner and a little taller than the other little men, he was dressed from head to toe in green and had a small hat, with no bell, but it was decorated with a large white feather. He also had the most amazing pointy ears that Matti had ever seen. “I am charmed to finally meet Mr. Mika Moose and his brave companion Mr. Matti Magpie. We had been watching you for a while, but we lost you during the big snowstorm a few days ago. You make a good team,” he added with a big smile brightening up his pale face.

Matti was still mumbling behind Mika’s legs, so Mika decided to ask this question, “It’s nice to meet you, Posi. Maybe you can help me. I lost my herd a few weeks ago and I have been looking everywhere for them, have you seen them?” There was a murmur around the cave as the question was repeated to those little ears that hadn’t heard, but nobody could help the poor lost moose. “Don’t worry, Mika! I have an idea,” exclaimed Posi.

There was something unnerving for Matti to have so many little men at his eye level. He enjoyed being small because it allowed him to hide easily, but he was almost the tallest in the room, except for Posi and Mika. “How is the snowstorm?” Miisa asked Uuno. “It was worse before I met our friends, but I think it is calming down now, it will probably take another couple of hours and then we can continue!” Posi smiled, “Good. Because we don’t want to miss the loading and I’m sure Mika is very curious about my idea!”

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