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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 5 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 5
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-14 10:13:08
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“Oh, stop it Matti, he's a dwarf!” Matti stopped tunnelling into the snow in a silly attempt to hide and looked over his shoulder, “A dwarf? Oh no, a dwarf! Do they like magpies?” Mika started laughing at the sight of his brave friend shaking in the snow and the dwarf began laughing too, “What are you both laughing at?” shouted Matti, who was hiding his embarrassment by shaking off the snow from his head, “If it had been a fox I could have protected you, but a dwarf, a dwarf…anyway, dwarf, where did you come from?”

The dwarf took a deep breath and tried to stop his laughter, ‘Sorry, Matti, it was rude of me to frighten you like that, but dwarves also have to be careful out in the open...” Matti suddenly interrupted, “How do you know my name? What's your name? Who are you? It is time for some answers!” Mika had been watching his feathered friend with amusement and decided to answer Matti's questions himself, “His name is Uuno, he is a dwarf and he knows your name because he heard me say it.”

Matti nodded, walked back and forth, stopped and yelled, ”Wait! Mika, how do you know this Uuno dwarf? What is going on?” Mika and Uuno smiled at the confused magpie, “Well, Mika, this is a pleasant surprise!” said the little man, “How are you dear moose, it's been a long time since you squashed me and it also appears our meetings are always…noisy!”

Before Mika could reply Matti was yelling again, “Pleasant surprise? Oh yes, it was a surprise, but not very pleasant! Do you know what I could have done to you? My moves are legendary across the Arctic…” A second wave of laughter broke out between Mika and Uuno, and the magpie started to sulk. “I'm not too bad, Uuno. Sadly I lost my herd a few weeks ago and Matti here has been keeping me company while I look for them. It's just that the cold has been quite tough on us and we should get somewhere warm soon.”

Uuno put his little hand into his pocket and pulled out a strange looking leaf that glowed bright orange, “Eat this Mika and it'll make you feel stronger.” Matti may have been sulking, but he hadn't stopped listening to the conversation, “What about me, Mr. Uuno? Don't you care about me? Noooo! Nobody cares about me, who would care about a poor magpie with his wings losing their beautiful shine…ARGHHH” Unfortunately, a strong gust of wind had blown just as Matti was showing off his wings and sent the bird sailing into a fresh pile of snow turning him upside down.

Mika and Uuno pulled the shivering bird out of the snow and brushed away the flakes. “Eat this, Matti, and it will give you some strength as well,” Matti was about to complain that Mika's leaf had been bigger, but he was too cold and tired. “The wind is coming back again,” observed Mika, “We really need some kind of shelter tonight.” Uuno looked at the bird, “I can see that you are both really tired, I know where we can go, but we'd better move fast.”

Without a word, Matti flew on to Mika's back and they began following Uuno to a small cave on the other side of the hill; it will keep us warm until the snowstorm eases.” The little man noticed the sad face of the moose and said, “Don't worry young moose, you will find them soon. What can you do in this snowstorm? Anyway, I have a feeling that we will not be the only ones looking for shelter in the cave and maybe somebody there will have information about your herd.”

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