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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 4 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 4
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-12 10:07:24
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Mika’s legs and hooves were aching from walking quickly across the snow. He had tried to keep his muscles relaxed but they seemed to tense on their own accord. He needed to take a break and allow his legs a chance to recover; let the blood flow normally again. Matti was asleep on his back and occasionally mumbled incoherent words in his sleep, but he seemed to be surviving the cold in his own special way.

The muscles in Mika’s legs began to relax, his heartbeat slowed to a steady rhythm and his breathing was controlled again; it was lucky Mika was in good health or he would have had no chance of surviving many more nights. Mika’s mind began to think of his herd, his family, of Matti, of food and then settled upon the tracks he had been steadily following. He could not be sure, but his instincts told him trolls, or maybe elves made them; he could never tell the difference.

He had met one of them a long time ago when he had accidentally stepped upon one sleeping. After the little man called Uuno had stopped shouting and Mika had apologised for the seventh time, they had a brief chat. Uuno was an amazing character, with a long beard, and Mika had been dazzled by his multi-coloured coat and green pointy hat, although the bell was rather annoying. Uuno had a sweet little chuckle and his ‘I know everything’ manner had so much charm that it didn’t bother you.

“Hell-lo Mika! Hello, Mika!” Matti’s squawking had shaken Mika from his daydream. “Sorry, Matti, I was just having a rest. How are you feeling?” The poor magpie fluffed up his feathers, made a few dramatic moans and groans, and shuffled a little closer to Mika’s right ear, “I’ll survive, although it will take me ages to sort out the damage the cold has done to my feathers. I’d die if anybody saw me looking like this, especially Sooti, she’s the most beautiful magpie in the world, after me.”

“Be quiet, Matti!” hissed Mika. “There’s something or someone moving up ahead in the distance.” Matti jumped on to Mika’s antlers and tried to see through the falling snow. What? What can you see?” Matti sheltered his eyes with his wing and squinted, “Yes! I saw something move under those trees, but it is impossible to make out what it was. It was just a dark shape…” Matti suddenly stopped talking and also seemed to be holding his breath.

“Oh, I can see it, Mika. I can see it and it is slowly moving our way!” Matti was hopping back and forth between Mika’s antlers becoming increasingly agitated. “I bet it is fox or a wolf,” gasped Matti. Mika was still straining his eyes to see the dark object, but he couldn't see anything. They both stood silent and still for a few minutes, until Matti broke the spell, “Why don’t I fly south? I should be one of those birds that fly south and enjoy eating foreign insects in the sunshine”

“Matti, you aren’t there because you don’t know which way is south and you are too lazy to fly that far. Anyway, I think whatever-it-was has gone.” “Matti sighed and relaxed, “I told you not to worry. If it had been a fox or a wolf I would pecked him first, then hit him with my left wing, followed by my right, and then I would have used my claws…” Mika rolled his eyes and shook his head, and was about to tease Matti when he heard the sound of a bell jingling and suddenly a little man wearing a green pointy hat and red jacket appeared in front of them, “Hello! How are you?”

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