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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 14 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 14
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-25 10:41:33
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“Yuppie! Woo-hoo! We are flying! WE ARE FLYING!!!” Matti was screaming, while holding on to Mika’s antlers. A loud “Ho, ho, ho!” came from behind them. Mika had no idea how this had happened, but then everything had been magical for the last few hours, so why not flying as well. The magpie opened his wings and started flying next to the sleigh, “Santa, a flying moose! Look, a flying Mika!!!”

After making a big circle, they came back and they landed softly in exactly the same spot they had left some minutes before. Howeverwhen they landed the atmosphere had become one of magic because joy was in the air again, with the smell of cookies and hot chocolate! Once again the shy moose had become the centre of attention and was trying not to blush from the cheers. Everybody seemed to want to stroke his fur and everybody praised his bravery and his strength, even the reindeers came closer to say a few words to him and finally Santa Claus silenced the crowd to make a speech!

“This is going to be the best and strangest Christmas Eve in all my life, and that is a very long life!” Everybody laughed loud, “But we won’t only be having a moose among the team this year, but also a magpie!” A sudden plop was heard as Matti fell into the snow from surprise. The bird pulled himself out, shook the snow from his head and gasped, “Me? A poor little beautiful magpie! I need to fix myself! Where is a mirror … where is my brush … oh … I’m going to be a Hollywood star … little me leading Santa Claus into the night!!!”

Everybody was laughing again, with a few voices commenting on the new feathered Rudolph. Mr. Seemi straightened his hat and tapped his pen upon his clipboard, “Right, we will have all the time to congratulate Mika and Matti tomorrow morning, but now we have work to do, with only a couple of hours left. I cannot see all the toys in the sleigh. So! Let’s load the toys, let’s make sure that all the kids will be happy tonight!” All the elves and the dwarves started running around, moving small and big boxes, dancing and singing the same time.

Matti had disappeared inside the house looking for a brush and a mirror talking to himself all the time, I’m going to be a star, a megastar, I’m going to have fans, I’ll have songs written about me, my friends will be so jealous!” Meanwhile, Mika was left in the middle of the square with his mother, “Mika this is very brave, we are all so proud of you, Mika Moose on Santa Claus’ sleigh! I wish your father was here to see you!” They both held each other in a nose hug full of love and happiness.

Two hours passed very quickly, but the elves, with a lot of help from the dwarves, had filled the sleigh with every last present. Santa came out of the house with his big golden buckle shining like a small sun in the night. His red hat bounced as he walked and his thick beard seemed to sway to the beat of the elves’ songs. He stood at the side of the door and said, “Now we are ready to go! Ho ho ho!” and then the door opened and seven reindeers came out walking in doubles.

The reindeers stood in front the sleigh and then Mr. Seemi came out holding his clipboard and had a very big smile on his face, “Santa, if you don’t mind, we thought of a small…hmmm… change,” and when he said that Mr. Posi came out of the house holding the hand two very small elves that were carrying red and gold bridles. They walked slowly towards Mika, “Mr. Moose, these are very young elves and they wanted to be the ones to put on the bridles, so please meet our young elves, Daphne and Katie!” Mika was so happy to meet the two young elves that he didn’t notice they were staring at him with their eyes wide open.

Slowly they led him in front of the reindeers, just behind Rudolph, and they started strapping on the bridles. Mr. Posi was standing there smiling and every so often was introducing another young elf to Mika, “…and this is Iida, and this is Sophia and Danae, here is Orestis and James and here, the small one, is Michael, with his sister Annie, and here is Dimitris, with Alex, Rob and Tommy!” More and more names were filled Mika’s head until he could remember no more! Once Katie and Daphne had finished, and Mr Seemi had checked their work, they joined the crowd of elves, dwarves, little animals and moose that were singing.

Santa pulled on his white gloves, “Dancer, Cupid, we are ready, ho Dasher, ho Prancer, I can see you strong Comet and Blitzen; be ready, Rudolph! You are leading the way,” and then he stood in front of Mika, “My good friend I cannot tell you how I feel this moment, I just hope all the little voices you will hear over the next few hours will reward you for all the effort you did!” He stroked his beard, “There is one small thing I can do for you before we leave just to show you how grateful I am” and saying that another moose came out of the house! “Dad!” Mika cried out.

Tears of happiness were in everybody’s eyes and the singing became even louder. Santa checked the harnesses, secured the presents and prepared to climb into the sleigh. “Hey! Don’t you think you forgot somebody?” squawked a now familiar voice. Everybody went ‘ooohh’ when they saw how beautiful the magpie had become. His feathers shone like gold and looked stunning, “Thanks Santa! I love my new comb, it perfect!”

“Where were you going without me? Hey, who are you?” Of course, Matti had landed upon the wrong back! “I’m Mika’s father and you must be Matti! Your feathers are beautiful!” Mika’s father said, while drying the tears from his eyes, “Nice to meet you! Thank you for the compliment. When I return I shall tell you how to achieve plumage like this. It is a secret passed down from mother to son!”

“Time to go!” shouted Santa Claus as he climbed into his seat on the sleigh, while waving to the crowd. “Matti, Mika, this is a moment you will both remember for the rest of your lives, so take a breath and take it everything. The magpie and moose looked around at all their new friends and then looked at one another, Mika gave Matti a wink and Matti winked back.

“Is everybody ready?” asked Santa. “No!” shouted Matti, he dug his beak into his glossy wing and pulled out a feather, “Posi, this is for your hat. It can go beside Mrs. White’s white feather and you’ll always remember us! Now we can go, Santa!” Santa Claus stood up and said, “Ho Dancer! Ho Cupid! Ho Dasher! Ho Prancer! Ho Comet! Ho Vixen! Ho Rudolph! Ho Matti! Ho Mika!” and the sleigh started moving forward quicker and quicker until it had vanished into the night leaving the elves, the dwarves, the little animals and the moose singing “Christmas was saved by Mika, and Matti his very feathered friend, and if you ever saw them, you upon them can depend!”

Merry Christmas everybody!

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