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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 13 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 13
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-24 09:53:07
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It was like all the former magic had been lost, there was no smell of cookies and hot chocolate in the air and Matti could feel the cold inside his feathers. Mika was quiet, and outside in the big central square he saw Johan, Uuno and Posi standing next to one another looking sick with nerves. Mika walked quickly and stood next to them, and just as he reached them the big sleigh came out of two huge stable doors one more time.

It was magnificent. There was no need for light when the sleigh appeared, since it seemed to have a light of its own; a golden light like the brightest star. Six proud reindeers were pulling it in pairs, with Rudolph leading. Dancer and Blitzen, Cupid and Dasher, Comet, Vixen and Rudolph, with his red nose shining in the dark, couldn’t stand still as Santa checked all their harnesses.

Santa had a quick conversation with Mr. Seemi about the possibilities of taking off with two less reindeer, “We loaded the weight you usually have Santa and a bit more just to be sure…” As Santa passed Mika, he turned to the moose and said, “Let’s hope you are not the only one to get a Christmas present this year, my dear moose.” Santa looked so sad that it made both Mika and Matti have tears in their eyes.

Then with one jump Santa was sitting in his place and all the elves, the dwarves, the little animals and the moose moved back to give more space. “Ho Dasher! Ho Blitzen! Ho Dancer! Ho Dasher!” and then he stood up and motioned the sleigh forwards with his gloved hand. All the reindeers seemed to do their best and all of them tried hard, but the sleigh moved only a few meters leaving everybody in disbelief. Santa was very quiet and small drops of sweat shined on his forehead. Mika and Matti were just watching speechless, like everybody else.

“Ho Dasher, Ho Comet, Ho Vixen” and this was the third time, yet the sleigh still only moved a few meters. “Mika,” whispered Matti, “Something has to be done! Look at Rudolph, his nose is not shining any more…” Mika could see all the effort and all the pain, and every time they were trying he was moving one step closer ready to help. Eventually Mika found himself stood next to Vixen, who was in the leading couple just behind Rudolph, and he could hear all of them breathing hard. He could even hear Blitzen urging at the back, “We must…we must for the kids…one more try…”

Santa was obviously feeling how much effort the reindeers were exerting and how much they wanted to do it, so taking a very deep breath he shouted, “Let’s have one final try, one more time and then…I don’t know what we will do.” Mika stood in front of Vixen, gripped the reins hard between his teeth and added his strength o the reindeer team, and the sleigh moved.

It moved slowly in the beginning, then faster and faster, until…it was in the air. Mika had no idea what he was doing; he only had Blitzen’s words in his heart, “For the kids, they must get their Christmas presents tonight!” All his body would do was let him pull. In the beginning it seemed difficult, but soon the sleigh seemed so light, just like a snowflake. Mika was snapped out of his daydream by a squawking bird that sounded overly excited, “WOW!!! YOU ARE FLYING!!! YOU ARE FLYING! WAHOOO!!!”

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