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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 12 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 12
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-23 10:24:20
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The elf was nervously playing with his hat and looked quite ill, “It’s a disaster!” he exclaimed, “Dancer and Prancer have got terrible colds and can’t fly. They can barely walk.” And the same moment everybody hears Mr. Seemi who had just entered the room saying quietly, “I told them not to go skating out on the lake; I told them that this is not the right time for skating, but do they listen? Noooo! Nobody listens to poor Seemi, nobody! Just nobody and now Christmas looks set to be ruined!”

Everybody in the room was in shock, so the chief elf continued, “Santa needs nine reindeer to pull his sleigh, well actually Santa needs nine healthy reindeer, but now two of them looking like Rudolph with bright red noses. Dancer and Prancer are terribly ill, shaking with fever. Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph look fine, able to walk and let’s hope that nothing will...”

Matti’s little voice was heard saying, “Oh no, not my hero Prancer! What are you going to do? Who will pull the sleigh?” A door opened and another serious looking elf rushed in and whispered in Seemi’s ear making the chief elf frown even more. “It seems that’s there is no improvement, actually it seems that Dancer is getting worse!” announced Mr. Seemi, who was looking very desperate.

All the elves had stopped rushing about the square and were gathering at the stables which housed the sick reindeer. Every elf face carried an anxious expression and they were talking quickly in their Elvin language that it was impossible for Mika to understand anything. Matti had taken his usual position on Mika’s back and was looking around feeling the anxiety in the air, “Oh, this is tragic! This is a real tragedy! Who will deliver my special present?”

A couple of dwarves were in deep discussion with two elves, and it took Matti a few moments to realize that one of the dwarves was Johan. “That’s Johan over there, Mika!” Mika felt uncomfortable leaving his herd so soon after being reunited, even if it meant only a few meters, but he wanted to go and see if there was anything he could do to help, so he walked over to the small group.

“Please all calm down,” said one of the Reindeer Elves, “Mr Johan has made up a potion that might cure the reindeers’ colds, but it is a dwarf formula and may not work on animals. We have given it to all of them - just to be sure - and will wait a few minutes before we have a test run outside. The sleigh is fully-loaded and ready to go, and they have to take off within an hour to remain on schedule.”

Mr. Seemi looked suddenly very tired, his clipboard was shaking in his hands and there was something missing from the confident elf they had seen before, “It is all my fault for telling Santa there’ll be no problems. He’ll never let me forget this, just like the wrong clothes that year. Oh dear! Oh dear!” There was some movement in the stable and the reindeer slowly plodded out, two of them looking weak and very tired.

The reindeers were harnessed to the sleigh in their traditional order with Rudolph at the front and then Santa climbed on board. Everybody held their breath as Santa shouted the magic words that enabled reindeer to fly, “Give them wings, give them speed, 1-2-3, away from here!” The nine reindeer groaned and pulled, but nothing moved at all. Santa shouted the words again, but there was still no response. Eventually the two of the reindeer Dancer and Prancer fell over and fell asleep with everybody looking at them open mouth and speechless.

Matti shivered when he looked at Santa’s face because he was no longer smiling; he looked very sad. Santa Claus not smiling was a catastrophe for Christmas and all the expectant children around the world. “The sleigh is too heavy,” said an elf, “Maybe we should remove some of the present.” Santa looked up and said, “No! There are children in Japan to Finland, America to Africa, Australia to Germany that have been good this year and are waiting for a present; we will not disappoint the. We will find a way!”

“It was the filter! Oh dear, it was the filter! And I forgot!” Mr. Johan was nearly in tears, “the filter put them to sleep, that’s the way it fights the cold and the fever and … I had forgotten I was so … so … I wanted …” Santa reached Mr. Johan and said to him, “Don’t worry about it Mr. Johan, a little sleep will make them only good, with their fever they need it and I knew that it wouldn’t work anyway … Don’t worry, we will find a way!”

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