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A Mika Moose Xmas : Chapter 11 A Mika Moose Xmas : Chapter 11
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-22 10:24:51
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Santa Claus was smiling kindly at Mika and it was making the moose feel quite emotional. Tears were building up behind his eyes as Mika began to really miss his herd, especially his mother, but Mika refused to allow himself to cry, “Yes, Santa,” said Mika swallowing the lump in his throat, “There is only one thing I want for Christmas and that is to see my family once again, although I feel embarrassed to ask because I never believed you existed until today. I hope you forgive me!”

Mika stared at the ground and his mind began to race with the images and events that had happened to him over the last few weeks. He was a simple moose who liked to eat grass and play with his herd, yet here he was sitting with Santa, in his grotto, among elves, dwarves and a magpie that had become his best friend. The tears in Mika’s eyes started to tingle again, so the moose coughed hard and asked, “So, do you think you can help me find my family?”

Everybody in the grand dining room could see the expectation and hopes of the young moose in his eyes, well almost everybody. “Hey!” squawked Matti, “Isn’t anybody going to ask me whether Mika has been good and what I think and how I protected him and how wonderful a friend I’ve been to him, and…OWW” Matti was hit in the head by a small biscuit thrown by Posi, which was then followed by many more biscuits and cookies as everybody targeted the small cheeky bird, “Ow! Ow! Sorry! Sorry!” shouted Matti as he took cover behind Mika, “He has been a very good boy, that’s all!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa laughed with all his belly shaking, “You are all so funny!” He pulled himself from the armchair and walked towards a pair of double doors that looked like they belonged on the front of a barn. “Well,” said Santa, “as I said, this is one really busy night and I’m sure the chief will need me somewhere this moment, so I’d better leave now before he starts making mistakes again. I’ll hopefully see you all again soon!”

Mika looked suddenly confused and heartbroken, and Matti saw this reaction in his friend, “Hey Santa! What about Mika’s Christmas wish? You can’t just leave him like this!” Everybody in the room nodded in agreement. Santa winked at Matti and said, “You are right, little magpie. I think Mika should receive his Christmas present a little early this year…” and with that the double doors opened to reveal an amazing sight.

“Mum?!” stuttered Mika before the tears of joy stopped him from saying anything further. In the doorway stood a herd of seven moose and it wasn’t just any herd, it was Mika’s lost herd. For a few minutes there were no other sounds in the room other than the shouts of joy, laughter, crying, gasps, cheers, clapping and a squawking magpie.

Mina, Moti, Moris and Mari, Miia and Marti and Mum all stood around Mika taking it in turns to hug in the way that moose do. Matti watched his friend hugging his mother and all the other moose were making soft noises that filled everybody with happiness; Matti secretly wiped away a few tears of joy that had escaped from his eyes.

“Mum,” Mika managed to say again, “Where’s Dad?” Mika’s Mum looked down at the ground and said, “He went off to find you after we realized you had been left behind. We haven’t seen him since. A group of Snow Elves found us and brought us here after we told them our story and they then told us your story, so we have been here waiting for them to bring you here. None of the elves have seen your father yet though…” Mika turned to look for Santa, but the man in red had vanished.

Matti was starting to feel a little jealous of being ignored and nobody introducing him, especially since he was Mika’s best friend. “You must be Matti,” said a soft voice behind him. Matti spun round and saw Mika’s mother standing over him, “Thank you very much wonderful magpie, we have heard all your stories from the elves and Mika has just said so many good things about you…” Matti blushed deeply and didn’t know what to say, so he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Mika began introducing Matti to the rest of the herd and Matti started telling all Mika’s brothers, sisters and cousins about their adventures, until Matti felt exhausted. Thankfully he remembered the magic words and the table was once again filled more food, more cocoa and more everything; the world suddenly felt perfect.

“We’ve got a problem!” gasped a frantic voice; it was a small elf who had said that. “What’s the matter? What’s going on?” asked Posi. The small elf gone past them towards the group of elves that had gathered in the center of the room saying all the time, “We’re in trouble, oh dear, oh dear. This is really bad news! The poor children…”

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