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A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 10 A Mika Moose Xmas: Chapter 10
by Thanos K & Asa B
2006-12-21 08:35:25
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“It’s him! IT IS REALLY HIM!” Matti was the first to break the stunned silence of those assembled in the room and his outburst helped everybody to relax. Is it possible that there is anybody who wouldn’t recognise the figure that now stood in the great dining room? Dressed in a red suit, with a black belt and a shining gold buckle, was a man with one of the warmest jolliest faces on earth. His smile was clear to see even through his thick long white beard and happiness seemed to twinkle in his eyes.

“Santa Claus! Ooh sorry, that’s rude of me, Mr Claus, sir, hello…err, IT’S REALLY YOU!” The combination of sugar from the chocolate cake and Matti’s excitement were making the bird vibrate around the room bouncing so fast he seemed a blur, “Yes, I am Santa Claus, Matti, but you can just call me Santa.” His voice seemed to sooth Matti and he slowed his bouncing down, “Wow! You know my name, Mr Santa Claus, sir! Argh! And here I am covered in cream looking a mess!” Santa chuckled and sat in one of the vacant chairs.

“How is everything going, Chief?” asked Santa, moments after Seemi had appeared next to him. “Everything is going like clockwork, Santa, just like it does every year. We have nothing to worry about!” The old elf ticked a box on his clipboard and looked pleased. “Careful,” said Santa, “don’t tempt fate with confidence like that. You remember 1878.” The old elf stared at his clipboard and shuffled his feet, “Well, it wasn’t my fault we lost your Santa suit. You did look good dressed as an elf.”

“Anyway, I am forgetting our welcomed guests. Welcome to my home and my workshop. You have arrived a few hours before the busiest day of our year, but you are free to watch, help, eat and just make yourselves comfortable,” said Santa stroking his beard. Johan and Uuno jumped from their seats, “We are always at your service, Santa! Tell us how we can help?” Seemi turned over a sheet on his clipboard, “We need a couple of helpers loading the sleigh, but it is heavy work.”

Johan and Uuno looked offended by this comment, so Johan bent down and picked up the chair Matti was sitting upon, “I’m as strong as always; the trick is to bend your knees!” The group applauded Johan’s display of strength, although Matti wasn’t happy about flying without using his own wings. Seemi said a few final words to Santa and then walked off taking Johan and Uuno to the loading area.

“Can I sit on your knee, Mr Santa, sir?” squawked Matti. Santa chuckled, “Of course, it probably isn’t as comfortable as your father’s antlers that you have been riding on for the last few weeks.” Matti and Mika were about to correct Santa, when they realised he was joking. “Dad,” said Matti to Mika, “Is it okay if I sit on Santa’s knee?” The room was filled with loud laughter once again, as Mika nodded and the magpie perched upon a pair of red velvet trousers.

“Can I tell you now what I want or shall I get one of the elves to write a letter for me? We’ll need a lot of paper though. I was a very good boy last year Santa… I mean this year, Santa, sir.” Santa Claus smiled at the bird, “Are you sure you have been a good bird all year? No moments of naughtiness? Maybe I should ask Mika if he thinks you have been a good boy.”

Everybody turned to look at Mika, especially Matti who was holding his breath, “Well…” began Mika, enjoying making his little friend a little bit nervous, “Matti likes to play tricks and jokes on me, plus he can be a little irritating sometimes, but…” Matti took another deep breath, “But, his heart is good and he has been pleasant company on my journey, he is one of my best friends.” Matti flew over to Mika and gave him a little kiss, which made Mika blush, and then he flew back to Santa. “Thank you Mika for your excellent evaluation of Matti and it is exactly what my list tells me too. Matti has been a good bird this year and there will be something special for you on Christmas Day.”

“Well, Mr. Moose, I have already heard all the stories about you and your adventure coming here, plus the fact you have lost your family or they lost you,” said Santa, “…and I know exactly what you want, dear Mika!”

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