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Formatting the Easter egg: Chapter 2 Formatting the Easter egg: Chapter 2
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-04-24 09:53:30
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Master Lee was ready to go through his final part of this very lengthy lecture and I could see in the eyes of the participants around me the solicitude for the coming event. And there was certain over excitement to these folding space things which sadly I have to admit I didn’t get at all. But the same time my disappointment regarding the folding space was awarded with the time it gave me to think about my formatting plans. However having decided to format my thoughts and my memories and having ended up with the final decision of the disk sub-directories I let my self smile and join the world around me.

Master Lee was pointing at the board the final touches of the necessary points for a successful plan and then it was coming the count down before the final start. I was still confused with the chaos theory but the same time sure that whatever this theory was standing for chaos was my middle name and that would serve the cause in the end. And the cause in this case was clear, very clear, actually the clearer it could ever be. Of course considering the time and space fold and whatever that might means to incepting and the theory of chaos.

I looked around me and I thought that it might be a good idea a general format. A whole society formatted and then a restart. It would benefit a society with all kinds of elements and uncontrollable characters. After all there were all kinds of things in this collective memory that needed deleting and I had a couple of ideas myself to suggest. “Ready?” I was my entire life ready for this! I wanted to answer but instead I looked next to me to find my brother and his pathetic smile which was just added to the things I wanted to erase.

“Did you see the latest joke?” my brother said and he passed me his pad with a moving four dimensional picture of two men in black in its screen. The FBI had given some documents that were talking about aliens and cows’ sacrifices. I felt like laughing but it was my brother’s smile that stopped me. His smile makes me aware of smiling and humour which apparently he has not. “What’s next? Santa is an alien on a UFO?” he said “what about the reindeers?” I asked seriously and he looked at me very serious “this is not funny!” that’s my wonderful brother Nick or Tick; I’m not sure what his name is. They all look so the same!

“Did you understand anything?” he asked again quietly while Master Lee was adding his last details in the master plan. I nodded no and he smiled again doing something funny with his ears. There was an old family joke, you can always read Tick from his ears and here was it now I remembered he was Tick. But then again he might has been Nick and we are the one who understand the joke and Nick was just laughing, pretending. Perhaps I should change a bit my behaviour with him. Or Tick, I wasn’t sure anymore who was who and that made my format and deleting a necessity.

Master Lee was nearly in the end of his lengthy speech and commotion was obvious in all the sides of the room. Most of the participants had started unfolding their uniforms testing gravity pads and shield. A couple had brought the big trays with the baskets in the room and another couple the trays with the colourful elements. What an idea to call them elements! I decided that elements were the wrong word and in the future I was going to delete it and replace it.

“Are you still thinking to format? Did you think about a backup or you going for a random format?” my brother said out of the blue, actually it was out of the red but this was a different story. I nodded watching the trays entering the room and slowly heading for the place where Master Lee was standing quiet now!

Master Lee was ready for last instructions and my brother said before the master starts, “well I have news for you sunshine, you are not a computer and you can not do that to your mind!”

“For one more time,” Master Lee started. “We are having the chance to study th9is civilization under special circumstances. No cows - or whatever else it is that they call them - and other animals this time. Once more just like the last eight periods we are going to spread everywhere around the planet, we are going to hind these elements and watch reactions of the humans under stress. It will be especially interesting noticing the young ones. The stress level in their case is rather high and worth for special research and explanations. Now put your ears and get ready to take your baskets!”

My brother turned to me just the moment I was standing up testing my long ears and said laughingly, “ready for the mission Easter Bunny?”

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