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Formatting the Easter egg: Chapter 1 Formatting the Easter egg: Chapter 1
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-04-22 10:11:06
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The truth has to be said, he had absolutely no idea what was this theory Master Lee was talking about, he had no idea why space should fold and he definitely didn’t want to know the physics and the numbers that constituting chaos and order in the galaxy. However he had to stay there and listen. Yawning!

Master Lee continued explaining his chaos theory and his brain was in real chaos. Obviously what was just theory for Master Lee was reality for him and it wasn’t something random. A natural born talent, the example for chaos, the only chaotic example of chaos.  He looked at the board where Master Lee had written a series of symbols and numbers. He hit his head hoping that whatever works in there would start again and explains to him what all these symbols meant. He thinks that he heard some kind of noises, something like gears but whatever it was it stopped the same why it started. In chaos.

The idea of formatting his brain wasn’t so bad. He would format everything and then share the space into different virtual drives in order to put specializing g objects in each one. For example accounts and shopping lists, house hold and home organization could go to one of those drives creating sub-directories for each category. Actually he could create a series of micro-databases to cooperate all the sub-directories and then paths to add new files.

The more he was thinking about it the more it made sense. Then he had to create a new drive for new scientific data where he could add all this information Master Lee was forming this minute ion the board about the chaos. Perhaps this drive could be shared with the downloading files. He needed some extra space for the downloading files. The usual, films, videos occasionally some porno but the …careful ones; he didn’t want anybody else to find out and then having to excuse his harmonic issues. Perhaps an encrypted file with password. But then this might look suspicious. He had better not download any more porno. Delete, verify, yes, enter!

Master Lee had wrote with big green letters on the board: WCS, which stands for worst case scenario and in his case the worst case scenario would have been if during the formatting he would lost some very important files like his personality, his dreams and ideas. Ideas were very important part of him since they motivated the dreams and with the dreams was the quintessence of his existence. The exceptional red eyes were just an addition to his exceptional personality and unique existence.

Before stepping into the format he would have to synchronize the search engines and actually make sure that they had specific instructions over my needs and future demands. The theory of chaos combine with possible WCS was a definite. Despite his dislike towards Master Lee – which he's sure that, has to do with his very orderly appearance – he had no objections in learning the theory of chaos or accepting its use especially when most of the time we had to deal with shape-shifters and space folding. Space folding was something he understood straight away, from the very first time he had to deal with it. It mainly has to do with personalizing the time spectrum and accepting the possibility of multiple dimensions. And from the minute he could understand the theory and sense the practice of those elements, understanding the theory of chaos wasn’t so much difficult but  he thought perhaps it had to do with the fact that he was in chaos and that blinded his senses leading him in the logic quintessence that been in the eye of the cyclone kept him away from realizing its size and power.

He tried to close his eyes in an effect to concentrate in his new aim to fulfil the list of the elements of the research. Perhaps he should create a small file with memories and add it as a sub-directory to personal. But what memories he wanted to keep. That would take some thought. He supposed links to common identity in the sense of common roots would have to be added in the memories but names would not be necessary. Then it had to be origins but not further than one generation since older versions had been lost and rarely referred. The backup should be careful and with great care without adding bulk information. The decision was taken and Master Lee had change the transparency on the projector showing now a big egg or the aim of the coming anomaly that created the sense of chaos.

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