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The Pixies in the Glen The Pixies in the Glen
by Francine L Trevens
2011-02-27 10:31:57
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Written by Francine L. Trevens
Illustrated by Maggie Cousins




In the middle of a forest in New Hampshire, there was a delightful little glen. It was a round open space of grass surrounded by trees and bushes, with little flowers like bluettes and dandelions and forget-me-nots growing amid the grass.

For years beyond number it had been the home of a great many pixies. The tiniest pixies loved to climb stalks of grass and fly a few feet into the air, to land on a flower head.

One day a big sign went up at the entrance to the forest. One old timer pixie was upset when he saw it and immediately alerted all the others.

The sign said a developer had bought acres and acres of land and was going to build mega-mansions. There was a big map showing where all the different mansions were going to be. All the pixies fluttered and fussed around the sign. They gave a big sigh of relief when they saw that the glen was not to be taken away. It was to remain, right in the middle of the whole big mega-mansion development.


The only difference was, there was going to be a fountain built in the middle of the glen. That would mean some pixies would have to move out of the center, but otherwise, it seemed all right. The pixies chatted and clattered about before deciding to see how things would go before leaving the glen completely.

A year and a half later, many of the mansions were built. The glen was enhanced with more flowering trees and shrubs around its perimeter. It looked and smelled much nicer than before. The pixies were happy.

Then the fountain got built. The fountain was very tall. The fountain had three tiers. Water spouted out the top and landed in a little pool which overflowed into a bigger pool and then into a big pool at ground-level, surrounded by a short wall of stones that had been taken from the ground when the mansions were built. The stones were firmly cemented together. The short wall, a foot wide at top, and only a couple of feet high, was a good place for people children to sit.

Varieties of goldfish were added to the pool. Some goldfish were golden colored, some were gold and silver, but the pixies' favorite goldfish were not gold at all. They were black with fan tails and bulging eyes. They were the most playful of the goldfish and often allowed pixies to ride on them.
People families began to move into the Mega Mansions. People boys and girls started coming around the fountain. They sat on the low stone wall, dipping their hands in the cool water. Sometimes they splashed a little at each other, but only in fun. 

Then some bigger people boys and girls moved into one of the houses. Some of the bigger boys and girls weren't so nice. They jumped into the pool and scooped up little fish in their hands. They put the fish on the stone wall where little girls and boys were sitting, scaring the littler people children away. 

These bigger people kids laughed at the fish, flopping, flipping and gasping, on the little stone wall. The desperate fish were trying to get some water to breathe, trying to flip back into the water. Sometimes the fish did manage to roll back into the pool. But sometimes the poor fish fell onto the grass and the bigger girls and boys laughed even more as the struggling fish, unable to breathe for long without the water, died.

The pixies found this behavior unacceptable. They had known for a long time that those who could not accomplish anything good often turned to destroying what others loved or accomplished. But what had the goldfish ever done to these children?

The pixies decided to save the goldfish. They kept watch on the pool. Every time the bad girls and boys came to the pool, the pixies would be ready. When a goldfish was plopped onto the low stone wall, the pixies would push it back into the pool. They sometimes would do this eight, ten, twelve times a day.

The bad people boys and girls were annoyed. They could not understand how these fish always managed to jump back into the pool. Now they took the fish and plopped them into the little pool at the top. The fish fell down into the next little pool, and then into the big one. The fish were dizzy and sometimes wounded by the strong currents of water that carried them along.

The bad people kids laughed as the little fish struggled. Then, they got an even naughtier idea. They threw the fish right onto the grass! Again the pixies picked up the fish and put them back in the pool. One very little girl, Arlene, who could see the pixies said, “Good for you!”

“What do you mean good for us?” asked the biggest, nastiest boy.

“I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the pixies,” said little Arlene.

“Pixies? There ain’t no such thing,” laughed a big girl, tossing her empty bag of chips onto the grass after blowing it up and smashing it to make a bang sound.

“Oh, yes, there are so pixies, and they are watching you and I hope they get some mean goblins or gremlins to come and push you in the water and hold your head under. See how you feel when you can't breathe,” the little girl said. “You are not only mean, you are litterbugs!” she added, kicking at the bag. 

A big green rubbish basket was just a few feet away at the rim of the glen. Nannies and mommies and baby sitters taught the little kids to throw their rubbish into the rubbish bins.

“So throw it in the bin if it bothers you,” the big girl said.

“It’s your bag, you do it!” Arlene said fiercely.

The big girl started chasing Arlene, who ran back towards her house. The other big kids joined in the chase. With their longer legs, they followed close behind brave little Arlene.

The little girl grew scared. So did the pixies. They did not want to see the little girl get hurt. So a whole pile of pixies got together and tripped the big kids who all fell one on top of the other into a big heap, like a football scrimmage. The little girl got home safely.
Arlene had given the pixies an idea. They spoke to some ogres, trolls, goblins and gremlins and told them the problem. Not all of them agreed to help, but a few did.

So the next time the bad people kids went to the pool and lifted up a goldfish, a gnome or troll shoved the bad boy or girl down and sat on them just long enough for the kids not to be able to catch their breath, before letting them get up.

Thinking this great sport, the gremlins decided to join in. One time, Floppy Gremlin sat on one bad girl so long the people girl almost drowned. The trolls and goblins had to pull Floppy off. The bad girl had to be pulled from the water, gasping and shaking, pale and sick.

“Serves her right,” said Floppy. The pixies scolded Floppy for being unkind.

After a few days of this, the bad kids decided it wasn't much fun pulling the fish from the water when invisible creatures would in turn pull them into the water. There was no way of fighting the invisible creatures.

The bad kids stopped going to the pool. They would not admit they were afraid. They would not admit something unseen was fighting them. They just went and made different mischief somewhere else.

One day a big cat came to the pool, and scooped up a fish. The pixies did not stop the cat. It was natural for cats to eat fish, nature made them that way.

But little Arlene, who was there, yelled at the cat so loud, the cat dropped the fish and ran away. Arlene gently placed the terrified little fish back in the pool.

The good little girls and little boys and even the good big boys and girls were very happy that the bad kids were gone. They were proud of Arlene for saving the fish from the cat. They loved sitting and watching the fish swim around. They loved it when the grounds keeper let them feed the fish. They enjoyed the tinkling of the fountain and the pretty glen.

But happiest of all were the pixies. They hosted a big party in honor of the ogres and gnomes and trolls and gremlins who helped them to get rid of the big bad boys and girls. Little Arlene was the guest of honor, the only human who was invited to dance and sing with the pixies. It looked to other people kids as if she were dancing and singing to herself. But the pixies were definitely dancing with her. After all, she had given them the idea of how to teach the big bad kids a lesson.


The Pixies in the Glen is under copyright, as are accompanying illustrations.


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