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The missing tree: Chapter 4 The missing tree: Chapter 4
by Thanos K & Asa B
2010-12-24 08:29:11
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Leaving Matti behind was not the best idea, especially if there really were goblins hiding somewhere but Mika knew that he was the stronger animal to run in this weather and that he wouldn't need a second word to make everybody follow him. Matti did have a way of becoming distracted, forgetting facts and complicating simple explanations. Mika knew it would be easy to spot Matti's red scarf in the snow, giving them all the perfect beacon was their return. The journey to the workshop seemed to take forever and, as Mika ran, his mind was filled with image after image of the scary things that could happen to his little friend. For the very first time, Mika even skated over the ice in order to take a shortcut and he had to admit that it was a lot of fun.

Mika smashed the doors to the workshop open and fell inside exhausted. All the elves dropped what they were doing and ran to the moose's aid, Mika even saw Santa was already up and working, although he still dressed in his bright red dressing gown, pyjamas and fluffy red sleepers. Mika explained as briefly he could and then without waiting he pulled himself up and headed back outside in search of the waiting small bird. Behind him walked a long line of elves and dwarves, each braving the cold, holding makeshift weapons that they picked up on their way out the door, and Santa walked beside him.

"He should be here, I left him here!" Mika cried in the dark when he arrived back at the spot he had left the small magpie a few moments earlier. "Where is he?" The group quickly made a search of the area but there was no trace of the bird or his scarf. Mika suddenly thought that Matti had been right and there had been goblins waiting for them. Santa was trying to shout something to Mika but his voice was carried away by the wind, so Santa signalled that they should all return to the workshop.

Mika's mind swam with ways he would get Matti back from the Goblin King. He wouldn't sleep until his friend was safe, he would make the goblins pay and he would start immediately. Santa pushed open the wooden door to the workshop and Mika then felt Santa's soft hand pat stroke the fur on his back. "After you, Mr. Mika Moose," said Santa, in a voice that sounded so calm that Mika's mind suddenly cleared of all his anger and worries. Mika took a couple of steps into the Great Hall and there was Matti sitting on a small wooden chair, sipping from a cup of hot steaming chocolate and beside him was Mr Seemi, holding his usual clipboard and pen.

"What's going on?" asked Mika with some reasonable confusion. Mr Seemi began to laugh and finally replied to Mika, "You had better sit down and have some food, and then you can all about the latest adventures of Mika Moose and Matti Magpie." After everybody was feeling warmer and had a cup or three of hot chocolate sitting in their bellies, Mr Seemi began to tell his story. "On the day that I was due to leave to check the last remaining post boxes I noticed that a rather large snowstorm was heading towards Santa's Toy Factory and I thought we had better do something to protect the Christmas tree, but there was nobody about. I was running late, so I used some of the magic shrinking dust on the tree – you know, the stuff that Santa uses to shrink himself when entering houses without chimneys."

"I put the tree somewhere safe and then headed out to the main gates to begin my journey and as I was leaving I bumped into my assistant, Mr Matti here, and I told him that I had shrunk the tree and had put it away safely because of the storm. Matti mumbled something and I assumed he had heard me, but, well, I guess the young magpie had other things on his mind. Anyway, I finished checking the post boxes early and headed straight back, which is when I passed Matti standing out in the snow looking for the Christmas tree. I brought him straight back inside and that's when he told me the story of the missing Christmas tree. I'm sorry, but the goblins are not to blame this time!"

Mika took a deep breath and was glad his belly was full, otherwise he may have become rather upset at Matti. Matti was concentrating on his hot chocolate and wasn't quite ready to look at anybody, so Santa turned to Matti and said, "So, that's the mystery of the missing tree cleared up!" Mika was about to say something when another question popped into his head, "Actually, no. Where is the Christmas tree?" Santa looked surprised, but he realised that even he didn't know the answer. Mr Seemi stood up, walked over to a corner of the Great Hall, and sprinkled some magic dust on the floor, with a flash, the most beautiful tree stood shadowing over them, filling the air with a gorgeous pine smell.

Matti's eyes opened wide and a huge smile covered his face, "Can we start decorating it now? Can we? Oh please." Everybody smiled at this crazy magpie and knew that their lives would never be boring while he was with them. Santa looked at Matti and nodded, "Very well, Matti. We can begin decorating the tree, but, as you know, it is tradition to begin with the star at the top, so if you want to get that we can begin… Matti, you do have the Christmas tree star, don't you?" Matti went bright red and stared at his feet. Mika sighed, "Matti, what are we going to do with you?"

Merry Christmas everybody!


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