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The missing tree: Chapter 2 The missing tree: Chapter 2
by Thanos K & Asa B
2010-12-19 10:21:32
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"Mika, I'm telling you it was the goblins!" repeated Matti once again to his friend. They were back in their room and were getting ready for bed. "Matti, you heard Santa say himself that it is impossible for the goblins to steal the Christmas tree. There has to be some other explanation that nobody has thought of yet… And before you ask, no I have no explanations."

After the troubles last year with the goblins, everybody had believed that nothing would happen this year or for many years to come. After all, Santa had promised to include them on his Christmas present list, so long as they behaved for the rest of the year then they would be the first to receive their gifts on Christmas Eve. The Goblin King had even offered his help with the gift-wrapping if the elves and dwarves faced any problems or were running short of time – Santa knew that the Goblin King always kept his promises.

Santa's immediate reaction to the missing tree was to ask Mr Seemi, the chief elf, because nothing happened in Santa's Toy Factory that he did not know about. "Where is Mr Seemi? He'll know what has happened to the tree and where to find it." Mr Posi had to remind Santa that Mr Seemi had left a few days ago to collect the last few Christmas letters from the post boxes and that he wouldn't be back for another few days. Everybody in the big room went quiet, but this didn't last long. The dwarves and elves resumed their whispering and speculation about the fate of the Christmas tree. Nobody, absolutely nobody, would dare break a promise made to Santa, not even the Goblin King and that was something everybody knew.

"Why can't we just cut down a new tree from the forest?" asked one of the younger river elves, but the question was too much for the emotional Matti, who was still shivering from his time out in the snowstorm. "No! No! No! It is a special tree!" exclaimed Matti, with tears in his eyes. "We carefully chose that tree during the summer after months of searching. We then cared for it, gave it special potions, kept animals from eating it or living in it, and finally Harry and Henry carefully chopped it down using the magical Christmas saw… we, we, we can't just replace it…"

Mika looked at Henry and whispered, "Magical Christmas saw?" Henry smiled and whispered back, "Well, it was just a normal saw, but Matti insisted it had to be magical so we sprinkled snow on it, said some funny words and told him it was now magical. It kept him happy. I wish I could do something that would make him happy again." Mika nodded. He was just watching his friend; the little bird looked more devastated than any other time and any other adventure they had gone through together. Even the plate piled high with chocolate biscuits beside him was untouched. That was definitely not Matti.

The sound of the cold wind whistled outside and made everybody shiver. The noise reminded them that a night like this at the North Pole was not the best time to go out for a few minutes, let alone go searching for a missing Christmas tree. "We are all going to bed now," Santa announced. "There's nothing we can do until the morning and this storm has eased, so we should get some rest. We will look for clues and decide what we are going to do after breakfast." With those words everybody left for their rooms, including the small magpie and the moose just a few steps behind.

The big moose was tired after a hard day practicing complicate manoeuvres and tactics with the reindeer. Modern cities had changed dramatically lately; more high buildings and fewer chimneys made the life of the reindeer very difficult. Sometimes they had to constantly weave between television and radio antennas, not to mention the number of mobile phone masts that were popping up everywhere. The air traffic was also dramatically increasing, with more and more planes flying on Christmas Eve, taking people back to their families for Christmas. One evening, while practising, Mika had come so close to an aeroplane that he could see the colourful tie one of the pilots was wearing. One other time almost saw Rudolph nearly hit a helicopter that was going too fast and too low. "Matti, I really need some sleep" said Mika yawning, "I'm really very tired."

"Mika, do you think Santa has a plan? I'm sure at this very minute, while we are getting ready for bed, he's organising the elves and the dwarves for a careful search. Maybe I should go and offer some ideas on where to look. What do you think, Mika? Mika?" Mika had fallen asleep and was now happily snoring. "Oh well, good night, Mika! I'm sure Harry and Henry are already clearing the snow for us. We'll find the tree… I know we will." A few seconds later and Matti was snoring too.

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