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The missing tree: Chapter 1 The missing tree: Chapter 1
by Thanos K & Asa B
2010-12-17 10:11:04
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Where was that foolish little magpie and why would he fly outside on such a bitterly cold night? Nobody had an answer to either question, even after an hour of searching high and low, and the faces of the searchers had changed from irritated to really worried. Matti Magpie was well known for his unwise decisions, which were often the result of too many chocolate cookies and too many cups of hot chocolate partying in his belly, but this time his friends were convinced he had finally made his final silly mistake.

The wind was howling and the snow was falling so thick and fast that even Harry and Henry, the famous snowmen gatekeepers at Santa's Toy Factory, wanted to be inside drinking chilled chocolate milkshakes. However, Matti had suddenly decided to go outside and check on the towering Christmas fir tree that was standing in the back area of Santa's workshop, just waiting for the day it would be moved inside the Grand Hall and decorated with a thousand twinkling lights and hundreds of colourful ornaments.

In the few hours before Matti's sudden disappearance, Santa and Mika Moose had patiently listened to the small bird constantly chattering about how proud the tree stood, how sharp were its pine needles, how green it looked, how bushy were its branches, how the fresh smell filled his head with memories of past Christmases and so on and so on, until some of the elves began to whisper that Matti would only be happy if he could marry the tree. Matti, oblivious to the giggling elves and the horrid weather, declared that he was going to get another hot chocolate, left the room and crept outside to check on his beloved tree, but now almost an hour had passed with no sight of the bird.

Out by the main gate Henry was staring into the snowstorm hoping to catch sight of the missing bird, but he only saw more and more snow. Suddenly he heard a noise that didn't belong in a snowstorm, it was a funny sound that made him think he'd imagined it but when he saw a shivering magpie crawling through the snow he had to rub his eyes to be sure he wasn't seeing things. Henry and Harry threw open the main gates and ran to the small bird, which was hysterically flapping its wings and croaking some faint words over and over again. Henry put his ear close to Matti's beak and realised what the bird was saying: "Tree gone! Tree gone! Tree gone!" Matti then fainted.

After Matti had been brought inside, wrapped in blankets and the doctor had placed a single magic cocoa bean under the bird's tongue, the magpie slowly awoke. Matti was slightly confused at first and wasn't sure what had happened, but the magic cocoa bean must have finally fired up his memory because he shouted, "The Christmas tree has been stolen!" and then the cocoa bean flew out of his mouth and landed in Santa's beard.

With the terrible snowstorm and everybody searching for Matti, nobody had actually noticed that the huge tree had gone missing. Well, nobody would ever have dreamed that somebody would steal it and those few elves that had realised the tree wasn't in the yard had just assumed somebody had moved it inside without telling them. It really was Matti who had brought the missing tree to their attention and its loss had upset the bird deeply.

"Matti, did you hear a noise or something outside?" asked Mika, trying to understand what had made his little friend go outside. "No, no, no!" answered the small magpie with tears in his eyes, "I...I... I don't know what made me go and check." Mr Posi, the head elf, smiled, "Perhaps you had a feeling in your bones or a tingle in your wings?" Mr Posi tried to help but nothing was coming from the little bird now. Matti was just sitting there, tears in his eyes, staring out of the window, clutching his cup of cold hot chocolate. Santa moved near to the window and quietly shook his head, "I don't believe it either, Matti. I don't believe it. But, do you know what I do believe?" Matti looked up at Santa and blinked away his tears, "What do you believe, Santa?" Santa stood up and looked Matti in the eye, "Mr Magpie, I believe we will get it back." 

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