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Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 28 Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 28
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-03-07 09:16:55
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28. He’s back

Pekka ordered a salmon fish sandwich with a pint of lager, I had my usual cheese bacon panini with strong cappuccino and we both remained quiet for long time eating and thinking how to start. Pekka looked really tired but I knew that this winter had been really hard on him. His son had started working for the first time in his life, just sixteen with a carpenter hoping to master the job since his relationship with the books had finished sometime in the first classes of the primary school and his daughter was obviously a wild teenager.

The same time his wife’s problems had turned worst and it was difficult for her even to get out of the bed, her legs didn’t want to follow and the pains in her spine were making her scream. Suddenly Pekka was overwhelmed with a family that he loved more than anything and a job he was dedicated but very demanding.

He looked at me with a smile and I thought that this perhaps was his first real break from work and house the last few weeks and for a moment I felt really sorry and not wanting to start talking about murders and blood. He cleaned his plate from the last pieces of salmon and finished his beer obviously ready for a second pint. Leave it to me, I said standing up and still feeling sorry for my friend and his life, he nodded and sat there watching a couple of young people laughing a bit further away. From the way he was watching them I was sure he was thinking about his kids. How weird for a man who constantly sees the darkest side of life day after day to have to leave his kids in this world without trying to interfere in every single move they are doing.

I returned with a pint for him and a glass of cola without sugar for me. “So” he started with his strong Finnish accent, “let’s finish with this case since we are the only ones who still care. For the rest is a cold case!” he added using a popular television term from those police series that have become so popular the last few years. “now you do all the talking and I do all the thinking” we had used this method before and it had worked. I was going through the case adding facts, hypothesis and theories and most of the time he was coming with a result.

The way she was killed makes it personal and a thief has usually nothing personal with the victim, I started slowly putting the photos in front of us. At least the place was nearly empty because it would have been strange if people could see the pictures I had just put on the table. I think whoever did this crime knew Ferah and he or she was really angry with her. Pekka didn’t say anything just looked at the pictures more carefully. I believe that it was a he. Now Pekka looked at me. Too much power to succeed so deep wounds and don’t forget that this must have happened very fast. I was ready for the first big hit now. I don’t think it was Alexei, “why?” Pekka asked. Alexei’s profiling doesn’t make him a killer and I think the thing that we saw him with Ferah’s sister has misled us. Pekka didn’t say anything. Actually I continued her sister somehow replaced Ferah in his mind. He loved so much Ferah that he couldn’t do anything else than project his love to her sister. Pekka still didn’t say anything.

Do you think he was so twisted mind to kill his wife and then start openly dates her sister? Pekka was still quiet. And then another thing we took for granted was that he knew that Ferah was pregnant. We actually took so much for granted that we forgot to ask him despite the fact that he never mentioned it himself. Come on Pekka think of it, Alexei was so convenient to our stereotypes so we started looking anywhere else but we focused to find proves against him.  Pekka still didn’t say anything making me nervous.

Fine, fine is more a hunch than facts, but do you remember the two times I had coffee with his and Ivan? The man looked sentimentally numb and in shock and I think he running away from himself going to St. Petersburg not escaping from you and when he will … “He’s back!” that WHAT? I think even people from outside heard my cry. “That’s why I wanted to see you; he came back yesterday and called to the office to see if we had found anything.” I took a deep breathe waiting for him to say more. “I didn’t ask him if he knows about the pregnancy but now you said it I think we all missed that.”

The last information was not changing much to the theory I had already started forming in my mind it was just verifying in a very strange way my hunch for Alexei. “He spoke with one from my team and he actually short of admitted that he was accompanied with Ferah’s sister in his trip to St Petersburg and that whatever had happened was over. It was like trying to find excuses to cover his guilt for been with her sister.” Your assistant said that? “Yes.” You see what I’m trying to say about Alexei? “Continue.” There was an order in his tone warning me that he had formed a theory in his mind and he just wanted to hear it from my mouth.

The hits Pekka, the hits show that whoever done it was targeting her belly so whoever done it knew. If it was a random stub it would have been in the neck, in the chest not in the belly and then it was the way she was put there, holding protecting her belly. Whoever done it knew. Pekka quietly nodded in agreement. He had finished hi pint but he was not going to refill his glass before I finish and I was getting there.

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