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Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 27 Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 27
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-02-21 09:38:44
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27. A cold day and missing clues

The weather has gotten worst reaching unbelievable lows, some saying that this was the lowest temperatures the last fifty years. Some mornings you feel like returning under the blankets and cover your head avoiding temperatures of minus twenty-one and twenty-seven. Pekka called me the other day to check how am I doing with the cold and he told me that Ferah’s case was a cold case – amazing how American television series  have invaded our lives – and some more crimes have invaded his life plus the weather. Pekka’s wife was a bit worst with her situation turning more painful during the winter months and this cold didn’t help at all. She was constantly in bed and she could hardly move.

I hadn’t talk at all with Leena but I imagine that her condition would be pretty the same. It seemed that despite my rare chest pains and my insulin daily doses in the best shape, at least I could still go around and check here and then the photos I kept in the envelope on top of my desk. Pekka had never asked them back – intentionally I suspect – making me always wandering what I missed. And of course I returned to them and I could find nothing new except those eyes looking at me waiting.

And you know it is worst when these eyes looking at you from your memory without the need of prints. So I put my cigarette down and I decided to have coffee and donut at the petrol station. Ivan was there, the usual smile and under-control face checking products and customers. Oddly and despite all the cold the petrol station was full and there were mainly young people from the high-school nearby.

“Alexei, left!” was the first thing Ivan told me leaving me in shock. What do you mean he left? Hew nodded for me to wait and after serving a customer he filled two paper cups with coffee and we went and stood next to the window. “He left to Russia, three days ago!” you are joking, was my first reaction but from his look I could see that he was not joking and that he hadn’t finished with his news. “He took Ferah’s sister with him!” what? I have the feeling that even the people outside heard me and the coffee found painfully its way to my shirt. How?

“He just left by train, I think St Petersburg was his first destination.” How? Ivan looked at me not knowing what to answer to my second how and unfortunately the next thing that came out of my mouth was another ‘how?’

Ivan turned back to the counter serving customers and I went out to light a cigarette. My first thought was to call Pekka and I was sure that Pekka had no idea otherwise he would have told me but then I thought that perhaps the whole situation was getting ugly for Alexei but there was no prove against him otherwise Pekka would have already arrest him. The truth is that I was not planning to go to the centre but somehow my feet led me to the metro station and soon I found my self travelling to the centre. Odd but travelling with the metro always helps me to think. The damn bastard, he did it and her sister was involved. Was the only thought in my mind but then again why I didn’t like the idea. Somehow the daft profile I had formed in my mind about Alexei didn’t point a killer and especially a spouse killer.

And I have to admit I had overestimated the Finnish authorities. The man, a suspect for a murder had just escaped. Again I was taking for granted that Alexei was guilty and for one  ore time I had to stop myself and try to clear my mind. Alexei had too many things pointing at him and his relationship obviously sexual relationship with his late wife’s sister made things worst. I was getting angry, first with Alexei and then with my self for not seeing that Alexei would do something stupid like that, what a good profiler I am. The last few months I had let my self drawn in my personal problems and misery and I started missing things happening around me.

“I know!” that was the only thing Pekka said when I called him from inside Baker’s after I had my first cappuccino and calmed myself down. You know? How? It seemed that it was the ‘how’ day since I could not escape from this word. “Have you realized what I said the last we spoke? Is a cold case and to tell you the truth I’m not sure that Alexei is the guilty one. What about meeting around four for a beer and talk?” I was definitely missing a lot of things otherwise Pekka would have never asked me for a beer especially now he needed to be early home and help his wife.

My round to the two bookshops didn’t help me much and I didn’t find a book worth to buy even though I wanted them all. And the Stockman’s clock didn’t help either since it seemed to be stuck for hours to the same point making the four hours I had to wait a nightmare.

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