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Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 20 Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 20
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-23 08:58:48
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20. Thoughts, talks and telephones

Leena had gone to a friend of hers for dinner and I was alone smoking in my patio, thinking the conversations I had this morning and all the possibilities to carry on my research. Oddly that’s the only way I could see it, like a research isolating myself from the crime behind the events. The face of Ferah was in my mind but she was somehow alive, a young woman in love with a nice and quiet young man. Leena words kept coming back all the time and I suppose a woman knows better and I suppose the possibility of Ferah been pregnant was somehow made Alexei look more innocent than anything else.

I lit another cigarette and tasted the instant cappuccino I had just made. This instant thing is absolutely disgusting and nothing to do with the real thing but somehow I got used to it and when I’m home I keep having cup after cup. The weather was still really hot, sometimes hotter from what you would expect from a country that is partly in the arctic zone and my neighborhood was on holidays with most of the houses carefully shut. I was just thinking to go inside and listen to some music or just relax in front the television when Pekka turned the corner. I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I was sitting there with this horrible coffee and smoking one cigarette after the other knowing that this was the time of the day when Pekka finds his way back home.

“Yes. The doctor verified it just a few hours ago!” he said looking at me in surprise and suspicion after I told him what Leena had said. I tried to leave a bit foggy Leena’s involvement with not much success as I realized but I suppose that was a game we played both at the moment after all I had promised not to show the photos to anybody and he had threaten to take them back if I did but Leena’s insight had been a plus. “Are you thinking to stick with your plan and go and check Ferah’s family?” I definitely was but before that I explained that I was planning to see an old friend who might have an insight on how mixed families like that think and act and of course I told him everything about Seppo. He knew already about him but talking about the things he had told me helped me to prepare myself with meeting the day after.

Pekka looked really tired and I suppose he didn’t want to talk anymore about it because soon he said that he has to go and check his wife and how she was doing because the last couple days she’s been suffering with pains in her back and left me alone to finish my horrible coffee and light another cigarette. I thought of calling Marc but it was already after six and I suppose as usual his family spends quality time sitting in front the television watching Disney films. In the end these two kids will grow up thinking that the whole world is animated and mice wear jackets and ties. Georgios was the last person in the world I wanted to talk with at the moment so I turned my computer on.

I checked the usual blogs and news agencies and after a strong dose of catastrophes, disasters, murders, wars and a lot of pain I checked the mail. Since the period I was living in UK the daily and Sunday mail has been my favourite newspaper and especially now I can find it online I check it nearly daily. This newspaper is the perfect pill to empty your mind. A collection of useless and most naïve and ignorant articles collected in one paper. Meaningless England-cantered articles one after the other. Some of them so provocatively naïve or populist that makes them even fun to read and that of course as long you don’t take them seriously. A paper that believes that Margaret Thatcher was democracy’s messiah and that UFOs fly every evening around Big Ben. The tireless journalists of the newspaper report with article after article every single move of starlets nobody knows when they cannot find news that actually create them. I suppose in a very twisted way this can be called entertainment.

My evening gone quiet with me reading a bit of my book, having a light late dinner and making sure that I took all my pills. I measured my insulin situation – I have to do that at least once a week and I have all the little gadgets to do it my self- and I spent some time watching a very old film. I have this thing with black and white films especially films from twenties and early thirties. There is something in the dark scenes that makes you really live them, even the mellow acting has something more realistic than the painfully raw acting nowadays. Another snack by the end of the film and I was not in the mood to sleep at all. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Seven in the morning I woke up having no idea what I was watching last thing the night before and when I did fell asleep. I had a headache, nothing serious morning coffee and a cigarette cannot cure. A shower and shave. Black jeans and one of my black t-shirts with a huge logo from Pori festival made me look at least a bit more human. The headache didn’t want to leave me feel human. Then the morning insulin made me feel a bit worst. Something that after all those years I haven’t still got used to. But a second cigarette in the patio with a cup of coffee in hand seemed to bring things in a better prospective.

My morning “good morning” neighbours were there smiling as usual. It is a woman in mid fifties obviously looking after her grandkids – long story I have top remember to tell you another time – with a very sweet smile. She always says hello to me and this is where it stops. Then it is the second cat woman of the neighborhood. A small round Russian woman who lives somewhere near the metro station with insomnia, I have seen her going around four and five o’clock in the morning, and a really dominant red cat. The cat is always free going around somehow the king – I’m not sure of the gender – of the neighborhood. I have seen her scaring Leena’s cat a couple of times but in general she’s doing her thing ignoring everybody around even the rare dogs you see in the neighbourhood.

My program for the day was pretty lose and the only important thing I had to do was meet Seppo later in the early evening and find out what happened with his mixed marriage. I tried to keep Ferah, Alexei and Pekka away from my day and I phoned Marc hoping for a break. I got him with the first try and before I start talking he was already explaining the latest film he had seen and that I had to see it. In my question why he didn’t call me to go together and see the film his answer was …you were busy and he guessed all that without even calling me. I felt like laughing but the same time my mood for coffee with Marc changed so I didn’t say anything, excused my self and promised to call soon.

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