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Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 15 Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 15
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-20 08:15:33
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15. Driving to the crime scene

Leena looked in a really good mood and I thought to make a little use of her good spirit and the same time give her a bit of adventure; after all it is her who complains often that she never does anything interesting. Apart of that Leena has something very …convenient, Leena has a car. A very old white Skoda with all kinds of bars coming out in the driver’s seat so she can drive it under her condition and a special seat that makes it impossible for anybody else to drive it.

It took us a few minutes until we put the cranes in the back and for Leena to get comfortable in her weird driver’s seat and of course while waiting my mobile telephone rang and of course I was wandering if I should answer or not betting that it is Georgos who’s calling. It was Marc and I did answer. Usually I ignore my telephone calls and then when I check who called I decide which ones to call back. Most of the time I don’t call anybody but by now everybody knows that I do that. I have a certain attitude about mobiles that people find difficult to accept. My mobile is for my convenience and not everybody else’s and this is the reason I have on mute most of the time.

Well that moment I didn’t, the sound of the song filled the small car and Marc was in one of his talkative moods. He was asking me something about a music database library I had given him a few days before and he couldn’t understand that for things like that you must be in front of your computer. Leena was smiling obviously ready to go so I used an excuse and said goodnight to Marc. So Sherlock and Watson were on their way Sörnäinen.

Living in the east side of Helsinki means that Sörnäinen is on your way to the centre so it took us a bit to get there and then another twenty minutes to find a parking space in the back of the square in front the metro station. Leena is not exactly the person for a walk so we had to find parking space near our destination and walk slowly there. From Pekka’s description I had an idea where everything had happened and we parked the car near a pub with a huge metal rooster outside. It was already evening and a small crowd of loud smokers was outside the pub. The suspects I suppose.

Helsinki is a flat city but it has its hilly parts, very small very smooth but they are there and the street that led to the small triangle where Ferah got killed was in one of those smooth downhill which meant that we were going even slower. Actually it was good because I had the chance to see the surroundings and from Leena’s quietness I could feel that see was doing exactly the same. At first there were apartment houses. Some of them had lights inside but most were dark, one having a sign from a house society at the window. Rents in this area are really low.

On the bottom of the street and just a few meters away from the triangle there was a traffic light and on the other side there was a series of dark shops one of them obviously a small supermarket. There was a bit of traffic, further down there was an avenue connecting with Pasila or Espoo – I’m not sure which suburb – and there was definitely movement there, I could hear it and see it. Still it was a slow day and I kept forgetting that this is not London or Paris but Helsinki. When cars move with thirty miles an hour they call it heavy traffic something that always makes me laugh especially when they start complaining about this heavy traffic.

We stood there next to the traffic lights watching everything and it was Leena who spoke first. “They don’t stop!” I didn’t understand “I mean the cars, they don’t stop, they are coming all the time.” She was right. We were standing there for nearly five minutes and it was a slow evening, people home sleeping before another working day but there were still cars coming all the time actually blinding us wit their lights. Then a couple came laughing from behind us obviously drank. The girl was saying something to the boy loud and he was trying to hold her since her levels of alcohol most likely were higher than her height. They looked at us, said something quietly and continued to the other side of the street laughing, I suppose a fat man with a woman and her cranes didn’t inspire much of a romance.

“This is not possible,” Leena said quietly and I could sense her point but I didn’t say anything I just moved forward to cross the light. I felt like smiling, the street has the name of the Finnish national author and oddly his most popular book is talking about seven …naughty brothers. Strange how the human mind works sometimes and perhaps it had to do with something I read a few days ago that there was a problem with mice in this area. Ferah was not killed from seven little mice but from seven little brothers. I didn’t say anything to Leena, moments like this people don’t appreciate my dark humour and I thought that Leena would not like it either.

When we cross the street we both noticed exactly the same thing, there was light. Of course there was light, a smaller street coming out of a big avenue it should be well lighted and it was. Actually it was the brighter spot in the whole neighbourhood. “Look here!” her voice made me jump and what she was showing me made me suddenly shiver. There was grass and then there was a darker area and it was definitely not a shadow. Dry blood. So this was the exact spot. Somehow I was expecting to see something that proves that the police has been here, I suppose after watching all those police series on television you expect things that never happen in real life and it is one thing to say that you been in a crime scene and another to actually see the blood on the grass.

We both stood there staring the black grass without moving with cars passing by and I have no idea how long that lasted. Then we both turned and started the way back, very slowly – it was uphill now and Lena was not getting much help from her legs and back – and very quiet. Somehow even thought days had past, even though there was no sign of body or anything it was like we both had seen the actual scene and it was worst for me because I could put also a face and two playful eyes. We didn’t go straight for the car, cross the road from the metro station and on the other side from where we had left the car there is a pub – in which I actually have some very bad memories – where we sat with a double whisky each.

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