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Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 14 Back to Helsinginkatu 10: Chapter 14
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-16 09:00:45
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14. Keeping notes

I was back confused of the pictures my mind has collected and I decided to do something I very rarely do, keep some notes. Usually I trust my mind and my memory and more often my mind recalls events and pictures analyzes them and finds things that I hadn’t noticed with the first look. But this time I felt that I was overwhelmed of unexpected information.

First of all we had a very young victim, murdered in an area with very bad reputation. So it could be just anybody who wanted to robe her, rape her; after all in the photo I saw she looked very attractive young lady. Then we had a husband obviously still in shock with things continue happening to him without giving him the chance to swallow reality. From their house and the general picture money was definitely not a motive for him but love? He definitely loved her passionately so could this be a passion crime? Another man or another woman?

I lit a cigarette, I was back in the patio with my little yellow note book. Despite organizing my thoughts the only thing I had written in the pages of the yellow notebook was her name and his name. What I usually try to pick from somebody when I try to profile them is the little things, the unnoticed move the uncertain look, the wrong movement of the hands, the wrong word, but Alexei had shown nothing of the kind, at least nothing unexpected under the circumstances.

But again his Christ-looks could trick you and mislead you. That I noted. Then I underline the name Ferah and added next to it, empty house and Muslim. I’m not religious my self despite my orthodox upbringing. On the contrary I’m an atheist and that definitely doesn’t qualify me as any kind of religions expert and my knowledge is totally encyclopaedic. So a question mark was added next. And then family. Obviously her family hadn’t approved this marriage and I hadn’t asked Alexei if he was orthodox Christian like most Russians of his generation.

So we were back to the empty house. Why her family had emptied the house which after all also had his things. And yes he hadn’t resist, probably he didn’t even had the chance since he had spent most of his time in the police station but …to many buts. I lit another cigarette. This case had just too many question marks and I was wandering what Pekka was thinking. And thinking of Pekka I remembered Seppo. And I noted his name a bit further down the list.

While all these were going around my mind the photo somehow flashed again, the photo of Ferah and Alexei. She didn’t wear a veil anything identifying her religion. Perhaps she belonged to a more liberal group. Coincidentally the very same minute a small girl, obviously Somali turned in the community path in front of my patio. She smiled at me and …she was wearing a veil. The very same little girl had be the centre of a very awkward moment in the neighbourhood a year before.

Another neighbour girl, the same age had just gotten a small puppy for a birthday present and naturally she was all showing off her new pal managing to gather the attention of every kid in the neighbourhood who wanted to touch the little cutie. Suddenly and out of the blue a woman came and violently pulled the little girl out of the gathering saying something to her and looking at the rest of us in real disgusted way. Later I found out that religion reason restricted having or touching pets. And then I remembered another case of a neighbour kid that cried because he couldn’t understand why Santa was going to everybody else’s house except his and he was aloud to have a Christmas tree. So two lines under the Muslim and the question marks seemed piling.

First I checked the memory of my mobile telephone and then my visit cards until I found one mentioning Seppo’s name. It was an old card from the party when Zepo was working there but a year ago I had heard that he had left politics and he was working for some kind of agricultural company. Fine, first thing in the morning try to find out where Seppo is. Wrote the name and underlined it.

Motives. Here we have a variety. Robbery, rape, passion, passion and passion. I kept going back to it, it was like I didn’t like the idea of robbery. I know Sörnäinen and yes robbery could happen, rape rare but murder? I had difficulties to accept that. I had been in the area even in the early morning hours with people on their four and stoned but murder, that’s something I found difficult to believe. These people could come after you but with a blow you could send them to the ground. I brought pictures of Sörnäinen in my mind late at night and early in the morning. Perhaps my instincts were totally wrong but murder and Sörnäinen definitely together didn’t ring a bell. But how do I know, I’m a foreigner after all and I have this thing seen everything with a naïve eye. I was wandering if Pekka was home.

“Good evening!” that definitely made me jump. Leena was standing there with the help of her canes looking at me smiling. She definitely looked in a good mood which improved my mood. You look fine! I said. “Summer is here!” she answered smiling, “and when summer is here I can move my body and feel a bit more human!”  Oh please Leena, don’t be miserable! “No I’m not, I love summer, less pain and I can walk using my legs. How are you?” I explained in as much detail as I could, she laughed. “So Sherlock, what are you thinking?” Too many questions and I tried to go further into my question marks.

“What about her family? Why you keep returning to them?” Don’t you find it strange their rush to pick all the things from the house? “Why do you? She was their daughter after all! And if the police suspects the husband why the family should feel any different?” correct. I had to admit that what she said made sense. Watson was right and I was lost of words. Damn! I said loud and she laughed again, “come, let’s go for a small walk, she need her usual round.” She said pointing at the cat that was pulling her away from my small garden. “it might even help you think!” she added with the same smile on her face.

Soon we were walking down the sea side with the cat investigating every single rock and looking the seagulls like a true predator. “This is funny,” Leena said, “look at her, a house cat, she never lived alone in the nature and she still dreams of a good hunting that will include a seagull in her teeth!” I tried to smile, like a Christ-like face? I asked. “Just like a Christ-like face!”

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