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The wool blanket: Chapter 5 The wool blanket: Chapter 5
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-12-25 08:43:09
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5. The wool blanket

It was only a few days after the events in the sleigh storage room of the Santa’s workshop when there was real activity fever between the elves, the dwarfs and the fairies. Mr. Posi in nearly hysterical contention was walking all around the workshop giving orders, correcting and talking while Matti the magpie and the Chief’s assistant was flying over him repeating his orders and his corrections.

“You better put the little cars wit those…” Mr. Posi was saying to some dwarfs that were packing small red wooden cars and the magpie was screaming from above, “stop, stop. Can’t you hear that the boss says that you are doing the wrong thing” and all that while crumblings of chocolate biscuits were falling everywhere. You see the magpie had decided that he couldn’t waste time from his favourite thing and he was carrying a small bag with chocolate biscuits eating all the time.

Mika the moose was watching him shaking his head with a smile on his face. There was a last minute panic in Santa’s workshop and Matti the only thing he could think of was his …chocolate biscuits! He had to admit that his friend was unique in every way. Ronny, the mechanic elf had found the problem with the sleigh’s balance and he had fixed it with a little help from the moose of course and now everything was ready for a very tiring and long night.

Mr. Rufus the meteorologist of the workshop had given his last report with all the satellites agreeing that a cold wave was coming from south making the temperature dropping another two degrees and Mr. Posi had refused to see it. Santa was still in his room getting ready and the elves had organized all the reindeers for the sleigh leaving room for Mika moose the latest addition in the merry company that was going to go around the world in one night and make happy millions of kids.

Two elves had put a special thermos with steaming hot chocolate and some chocolate biscuits Santa loved so much in a compartment in the front of the sleigh making sure that they could stay hot all night and some spare in a small place in the bag in a case Santa needed some more. Water and carrots for the reindeers was there as well and a group of dwarfs carried the huge back to the sleigh and then to the back making sure that everything was perfectly organized and balance for a safe travel.

Santa came out of his rooms with his wife on his side walking slowly with a big smile on his face. “Hohoho!” his characteristic laugh was heard from the one side to the other of the workshop. “The time has arrived,” he said moving his hand “is everything ready Mr. Posi?”

“Almost ready Santa,” answered the chief of Santa’s workshop looking tired after the last hours of panic. Santa was near his sleigh now ready to jump up when he stopped. “Is soemthing wrong Mr. Posi?” Mr. Posi stood for a bit quiet. “Santa it is still cold outside, very cold I would say!” said the elf. “Well Mr. Posi I have to agree with you!” Santa answered turning to his wife who had followed him till the sleigh and now was standing next to him unveiling a big and think red blanket.

“Mr. Posi you are wrong if you believe that I didn’t hear you the first time but as my wife pointed very well all of you were trying to find a solution in the wrong place. Can you imagine me as an astronaut travelling in a convertible with a plastic cover?” of course nobody could imagine Santa travelling like that but they couldn’t think of any better solution for the cold and then even Henry and Harry the two snowmen guards of the gates were staying inside the last two weeks not been able to cope with the cold.

“But,” Santa continued, you all forgot that this is North Pole Santa’s workshop and here science and mechanics are one thing but magic is the most!” and now the whole group, elves, dwarfs, fairies, reindeers, a moose and a magpie had stopped waiting for what was coming next. “My dear Mr. Posi magic is always the answer around here!” and saying that he jumped on the sleigh, sat down and let Mrs Santa put the thick red blanket around his body making sure that there was no place uncovered. “And I told you Mr. Posi that I have dealt with cold like that many times before” Santa continued but I’m afraid too much company with this magpie has made you saying things without even thinking.”

And while saying that a soft orange light started coming out from the wool blanket surrounding him and for meters everything around him including the sleigh, the reindeers , the moose and the magpie. “Wow, it’s hot!” said the magpie and the moose smiled! “Well? we have work to do!” said Santa and pulling the reins and calling the familiar reindeers he flew to the night sky of the Christmas Eve to bring presents to all the kids of the world.

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ap2009-12-26 01:39:22
all the kids except... millions of them.

ap2009-12-26 01:49:11
ps - I wonder sometimes if we should be teaching our kids that Santa brings material gifts for them. I think this (traditional) way of telling the story is raising young consumers and greedy kids who value the unessential. A less distorted way of presenting Christmas spirit - if we want to glorify something in human nature for one single night in the whole year - could be to tell them that Santa is bringing friends, affection and dreams for them - just like that. Could be good, and would be a nice change. After all, most of the kids in western developed countries get material gifts during the whole year - Christmas turns into just one occasion of which they take advantage in order to get more expensive/special? ones. shouldn't be like that. why can't we name what's special - for REAL?

ap2009-12-26 02:06:38
So, I think we need to review all the concepts and ultimate meanings behind our Christmas tales and stories/movies. Starting on how Santa's story is told to them at school, or at home. No, no - no material rewards to make them feel better than the kids who get none, or more worthy. If the gifts are friends, affection and dreams, those are true rewards and the idea that they are available to any kid in the world is very powerful. We really need to re-think the way how we're educating our kids.

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