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The wool blanket: Chapter 4 The wool blanket: Chapter 4
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-12-24 09:01:06
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4. Santa in the room

“Hohoho!” everybody heard the familiar laugh and turned to see Santa entering the room with a steaming cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a chocolate biscuit on the other. Behind him the doors stayed open and tens of elves, dwarfs and fairies were trying to see what’s going on.

“So, who’s going to tell me what’s going on? Why all this commotion, the running and screaming…” Santa said and his face turned a bit serious.

“Santa!” Mr. Posi, Mika and Henry the snowman said the same time, “Oh, more hot chocolate!” said Matti the magpie ready to go and refill his cup. “Yes, yes. It’s me but will you tell me what’s going on Mr. Posi? Suddenly everybody is running and yelling and I have no idea what’s the problem not to mention something I heard about the sleigh and a small problem with fitting all the toys in my bag!”

“Santa, how you feel?” It was Mr. Posi who spoke first “There is absolutely no problem with the sleigh and if there was Mika and I have fixed it” the small elf said from the behind of the room, “are you going to eat all your biscuit Santa?” asked last Matti. Mika was quiet.

“I feel fine Mr. Posi, I know that will fix it Mr. Ronny and I’m aware how good mechanic Mika is and yes I will eat all my biscuit Mr. Magpie. So, what’s going on?” Santa said with a smile. “Oh fine, I will get my own!” said Matti and run out of the door looking for the biscuits tray.

“Santa, do you feel strange? I mean …cold? Are your feet worm?” Mr. Posi asked again and the whole room gone really quiet waiting for his answer. “Mr. Posi, I know that lately there is this silly rumour that Rudolf got this flue …they call it …let me see …hmmm … I got it! Swine flue! Yes there is this rumour going around but it is just a rumour. Rudolf is fine and his nose is always red but for a different reason we all are familiar with. There is nothing wrong with me, I feel fine as always this time of the year and ready for Christmas Eve!”

“Good, good!” said Mr. Posi shaking his head. “But Santa is cold outside!” Mika moose said something for the first time and everybody gone quiet again waiting for Santa’s reaction. “Mr. Mika you might have noticed that it is December and centuries now when December is around, snow is around and it is cold!” and with these last words Santa started laughing and all the elves, the dwarves and the fairies started laughing as well.

“But …But…” Mr, Posi moving his arms was trying the room to be quiet again, “but it’s really cold outside Santa!”

“Really, really cold added the small dwarf with the round glasses. “Mr. Rufus, you are also here. Nice to see you again. I was planning to visit you but it seems that there is some kind of urgency if you are here!” Santa said to the meteorologist who had just stepped in the front.

“Santa, things don’t look very …worm outside!” Henry the snowman said, “and one biscuit is never enough…” everybody heard Matti saying entering the room with a small plate full of chocolate biscuits.

“Santa is cold, really cold outside, even Henry the snowman has problems, so cold it is! And we are all worrying, how you going to manage.” It was Mr. Posi who finally gave the excuse for all the commotion. “Santa, you cannot travel in this cold!” Santa looked for a bit really serious and then he looked at Mika’s worrying eyes, Henry’s face and Matti who actually made him smile with the speed he was eating his chocolate biscuits.

Matti feeling Santa looking at him said, “it’s very cold outside Santa, look when we opened the door the cold frozen my chocolate, just look!” and he showed his cup turned upside down with the chocolate frozen cold inside the cup! Santa just smiled but he seemed to realize that there was something serious going on here. “Mr. Posi, I hope you are not going to suggest cancelling Christmas, are you? And with these last words everybody went quiet! Santa looked around him and said “You are not serious all of you, are you? Mika? Are you thinking something like that?”

“No sir, absolutely not!” Said Mika and Mr. Posi next to him nodded. “Do you think a cover would work?” Ronny asked from the back making everybody to turn their head. The little elf looked surprised with all the attention he got but the same time he was feeling that he had finds a solution. “Yeah why not? And what about a small heater inside?”

“Yes but still Santa will have to come out of the cover, walk on the roof and then get to the chimney and…” Another elf from the door said. “Perhaps a thermo-uniform! Something like the uniform the astronauts wear!” and then more elves, dwarfs and fairies came with ideas for what Santa should wear, how the sleigh should be covered and even what kind of boots he should wear.

“Well, well, well! You all lost your mind here, haven’t you?” A voice came from the back of the other room making everybody turn. “A Santa with an astronaut’s uniform riding a flexible convertible? Is this the way you imagine Santa? Is this the way the kids imagine Santa?”

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