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The wool blanket: Chapter 3 The wool blanket: Chapter 3
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-12-23 09:48:47
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3. It’s going to be cold

The three of them, Mika Moose, Matti the Magpie and Henry the Snowman were quiet looking at each other and the little elf, Ronny was there wondering what was all about. “Please, can you tell me what’s going on?” he suddenly asked the three quiet friends.

Mika shook his head and said, “Just look around you and tell me what you see.” The little elf thought for a little and then said, “Well, I can see a sleigh with a serious problem, a lot of tools everywhere around…” and with a small smile thinking that he was making a joke he added, “definitely a lot of ice!” nobody said anything, they were just looking at him.

And then the small elf looked again around him and saw small pieces of ice everywhere, on the tools, on the shelves on the walls, on the sleigh even on the doors’ knobs. “But the door was open for only some …seconds!” he said suddenly realizing what was going on. “How Santa will manage with all this cold?”

“Somebody to check the metrological forecast,” Henry said and before he finish Ronny was already running out of the room “he could have used the phone.” said Matti who apparently was very proud for the telephone lines that had been installed last year to every room after his recommendation to Mr. Posi. And thinking of Mr. Posi the door opened the chief of Santa’s workshop entered the room looking really upset holding his thick glasses in one hand and his open notebook in the other.

“What’s going on? Why Ronny was running to the laboratory so worried? Is everything ok with the sleigh?” were his first words when he saw Mika and Henry. “There is nothing we cannot fix with the sleigh Mr. Posi,” Mika started. “The problem is somewhere else,” with Henry to finish. “Well?” said Mr. Posi noticing Matti who was chewing the last bits of the chocolate biscuits Ronny had brought. “Oh, high Mr. Posi, did they tell you?” asked the little magpie.

“Tell me what?” and before anybody answer to Mr. Pori the door opens again with Ronny leading and a really fat dwarf with very long beard and thick round glasses following. “It’s going to be bad!” the small elf said trying to hold the dwarf that was losing his balance with the way they had both entered the room running. “Hmm, now we are all here is anybody going to explain to me what’s going on?” Mr. Posi repeated his question.

“Well,” Mika decided that it was him that would have to explain. “the weather is really bad, if you noticed Mr. Posi even Henry has come inside; so cold it is outside and the days remaining for the Christmas Eve are not many and we thought what Santa will do if this cold continues … I mean it is impossible for him to travel with this cold!” and looking around for some support from his friends he stopped! “Impossible!” added Matti shaking his head.

“I see,” said Mr. Posi turning to the dwarf, “and what our metrological departments thinks?” the dwarf was wearing a colourful jacket with red the strongest colour, green long trouser and a bright orange shirt with a thick bright green tie. He had a very long beard that was long till his knees and very little hair on his shining head, a big red noise and big blue eyes that looked even bigger like an owl’s behind his thick round glasses. For a minute he looked disturbed checking the papers he was holding with both hands and then after everybody around him gone quiet he said, “I’m afraid metrology as a science hasn’t gone so far as many believe to be able to predict weeks ahead…”

“Mr. Rufus, we are not talking about weeks, just days!” Henry pointed with the rest of them agreeing. “Hmm, yes, yes indeed! But this is exactly what I’m trying to say!” the dwarf tried to continue but somehow he seemed a bit nervous. “Please tell us!” that was the magpie that obviously had enough. “Well,” the dwarf started saying, “it’s going to be cold, but it might change after a few days and as you know we cannot predict …”

“Brrrr! enough!” screamed the magpie, “I thought you are somekind of expert with all these screens and the lights and the buttons and the …how you call them …computers!”

“Indeed, indeed we have all those instruments and even communication with satellites, you know the weather one. But …” This time it was Mr. Posi who interrupted him. “But as I can understand Mr. Rufus, despite all these electronics and modern monsters you cannot tell us what’s going to happen with the weather on Christmas Eve…”

“It’s going to be cold!” murmured the dwarf!

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