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The wool blanket: Chapter 2 The wool blanket: Chapter 2
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-12-22 09:22:08
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2. Matti’s mystery

“Matti, close the doors!” Mika screamed so he could be heard over the icy wind but Matti was standing there looking outside ignoring the moose. The moose was trying hard to reach the magpie while the elf had gone to the other side so they both could close the huge doors at the same time. “No! Don’t close them; just look outside!” screamed the magpie showing something to the moose. Both the moose and the elf tried to see what the magpie was trying to show them but they could see nothing! 

They could see nothing but they both could feel everything. The cold wind seemed to be freezing everything inside the shed, while the elf was making secret signs to the moose to start closing the doors. The moose felt his breath turning into a thick cloud and then turning into small drops of ice falling to the ground. The two of them, the moose and elf, made one last effort and finally managed to close the shed door and then they began to try to shake the cold from their bones.

“Have you lost your mind?” yelled the moose to his friend and now he looked angry. “Are you trying to kill us?” and then turning to the little elf whose cheeks were now glowing bright red, “Are you okay, Ronny? Please go to the fire, you need to get warm quickly or, better, go and get some hot chocolate!”

“What a brilliant idea!” suddenly agreed the magpie, “and on your way back bring a couple of cups for me …three sugars each please!” The moose didn’t know what to say! He nodded to the elf and then he turned to his friend. “You nearly killed him and now you are ordering him to bring you some hot chocolate? Have you totally lost your mind, Matti?”

“What’s wrong with him bringing some hot chocolate? He’s going there isn’t he?” The magpie asked surprised at his friend’s tone. “Okay, fine; let’s say that you didn’t lose your mind …a lot. Will you then explain to me what was I suppose to see and why you did what you did?”

The magpie smiled, “Can you tell me what you saw?” and looked at his friend. “Matti I didn’t see anything, it was so cold and that cold wind… actually, Matti, for a minute I thought that everything in here would turn into ice cubes! Matti it is cold outside, really cold and really windy! Nothing can survive outside! Actually, I've never felt it so cold ever before.”

“Exactly!” said the magpie, who continued to look at his friend. The moose didn’t say anything for a while and it was only when the small elf returned carrying a small tray with four cups of steaming hot chocolate and a small plate with chocolate biscuits that he understood just what the magpie was trying to tell him. “Nothing can survive!” he whispered looking at his friend who had already got his first cup of hot chocolate and he was drinking it quickly with a smile of total joy on his face!

The moose ignored the cup the little elf was giving him and he walked to the front doors, on the top of the left one there was a small glass door and he looked outside without saying anything. “Ronny, can you come here please,” he said and the small elf let the tray with the cups on a small table on the side of the sleight and walked closer to the moose. The moose helped him to reach the window and then asked him, “Please tell me what you see outside.”

“Nothing,” said Ronny, “it must be so cold outside that nothing can stand or walk around. “ The moose didn’t say anything and just let Ronny next to the magpie to enjoy his hot chocolate and walked to the other side of the room to the door that led to the main hall of the workshop and stepped outside. The magpie was already on his second cup and he was trying his first chocolate biscuit, “Are you sure you put three full spoons of sugar?” he asked the elf.

While he was on his third biscuit thinking if it was a good time to ask the elf to go and bring more hot chocolate, Mika returned to the room with a surprise companion. It was Henry the snowman, one of the two snowmen who guard the gates of Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole. They both walked to the doors and then Henry looked outside the small window. “Please tell me what you see, Henry,” the moose asked the same question he had asked the elf before.

“Absolutely nothing, Mika, it is so cold outside there is no way you would like to be outside now!” said the snowman. “Not even a snowman, Henry, not even the guards of the Santa’s Workshop?” said Mika and Henry suddenly understood. He turned again to the window and looked outside! “Mika! What are we going to do?”

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