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The wool blanket: Chapter 1 The wool blanket: Chapter 1
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-12-21 08:23:51
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1.  Fixing the sleigh

“Mika, have you been outside at all?” Matti, the small magpie, asked his friend, the big moose, who seemed really busy at that moment. “Matti, I’m working!” said the moose from under the big red sleigh. “There is definitely something wrong here! I can feel it!” The moose added ignoring the little magpie!

“I’m sure that there is something definitely wrong and it is outside and not in here!” screamed the magpie getting a bit frustrated with his friend! “No, no!” Another voice came from the other side, “It’s not on your side Mr. Moose, I think it is over here!”

“I can’t believe it!” murmured the magpie, “Who are you” he asked walking to the other side of the sleigh where the voice had come from. “Oh, hello Mr. Magpie; I’m Ronny, Santa’s mechanic!” and a small elf dressed from head to toe in green overalls, with a few smudges of oil scattered over his chest, appeared from the side of the sleigh ready to shake hands. It took only a look from Matti to pull back his oil-covered hand.

“Are you really the chief mechanic, Ronny?” asked the magpie. “Err, no!” answered the elf not understanding why the magpie had asked him that. “Do you know who am I, elf?” the magpie asked again. “Of course, Mr. Magpie, who doesn’t?” said the elf trying to smile. “Wrong Ronny! I am the chief’s assistant, Mr. Posi’s assistant and do you know who Mr. Posi is?” The poor elf didn’t dare answer, “He is the chief of the chiefs!” The magpie said loudly emphasising every single syllable.

“Fine, Matti, we know who you are,” said the big moose suddenly now standing behind them and he didn't look pleased with his friend's attitude. The poor elf obviously was not used to Matti so he looked confused and wondered what was going on. “And since we know all too well who you are, will you do us the honour and tell us what’s the matter?” said the moose and getting his face closer to magpie’s beak he added, “and make it quick because we are really busy here!”

Mika Moose and Matti the Magpie had been friends for a long, long time and, from the very beginning, they would never agree when their friendship really began, but this friendship was legendary across the North Pole, especially in Santa’s Workshop. The two of them had saved Christmas and ever since that day Mika had become one of Santa’s reindeers and, with Matti travelling with him every Christmas Eve, he was a key member of the team that delivered presents to all the good children around the world.

Mika had a strict daily programme to follow with the reindeers that included a lot of exercise, such as flying practice and flying techniques; Matti had become Mr. Posi’s assistant and Mr. Posi is a very important elf in Santa’s workshop. He is the chief of the chiefs, the elf that coordinates all the work, the elf that makes the programme and ensures that it is followed to the letter so everything is ready for Christmas Eve.

The truth is that Ronny knew very well who Matti was – Matti made sure that everybody knew from the very beginning when he took over his new post – but this is Santa’s Workshop and there is a certain familiarity between everybody, a friendship and nobody is bosses anybody around; everybody does his and her job and everybody is happy! It’s so simple! “Well, nothing is so simple when it comes to this magpie,” Mika was thinking while following the magpie to the door. Timing was another problem the magpie had. Last week during practice with the reindeer Mika had found that there was some kind of trouble with the sleigh that was causing them all a problem; it was as though there was more weight on the right-hand side and the sleigh kept pulling in that direction all the time.

Mika had followed the magpie to the big wooden doors that separated them from the cold outside but the thought of the problem was becoming more serious in his mind and he was ready to turn back and say to the small elf that had followed them to return to their job, when the magpie stood in front of the door, opened them and said loudly, “Voila!” Both the moose and the elf felt their skin shiver from the cold wind that had just blown into the sleigh shed.

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