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Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 8 Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 8
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-09-27 10:44:31
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“Come now, boys, shut your mouths before you swullow a fly!” joked Mrs. Wellspoon, as Mika and Matti stood speechless before her, “Well, I do hope you aren't going to be this quiet in my cluss or you'll never learn anything!” Jodi laughed loudly at Mrs. Wellspoon's little joke, although he was really far more amused by the reactions of the moose and magpie who had both been completely shocked at the revelation of the funny dwarf's name and the fact she would be their teacher. “Oh, Mrs. Wellspoon, that was priceless! I can't remember the last time I have had so much fun!”

“Are you really the Mrs. Wellspoon? The one that is going to be teaching us at Santa's workshop?” croaked Mika, to which the little dwarf nodded. “But, but, you don't look anything like a teacher, or even act like one!” continued Mika. “Hmmm, perhups you are right, Mika, but how many teachers huve you met in your life? Anyway, we can't all look and act exactly the same, huh! I mean, do all moose act and look the same as you?” asked Mrs. Wellspoon with a broad smile across her.

Mika nodded and smiled, “Well, you do have a point! It is a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Wellspoon; I can't wait to start school after meeting you! I bet your lessons are a great deal of fun!” Matti, who had been standing as still as a statue for the past few minutes, suddenly came to life and began hopping around, “Ohhh, I see, Mika, already trying to be teacher's pet! Why don't you give her an apple? I'm sorry for Mika, Mrs. Wellspoon, he doesn't usually act this way. Please allow me to introduce myself properly, Mrs. Wellspoon... oh, would you like a chocolate biscuit?”

“Well, Mutti, there's no need to introduce yourself again, but I was hoping that you could share some of your biscuits since mine finished yesterday and I have to udmit that I have a weak spot for a good chocolate biscuit!” and she chuckled again. She didn’t need to say it again; the little bird was on the ground helping the dwarf to unload his rucksack to find the small red food bag. He then helped him to find the small coasters and then placed one wooden cup upon each, while waiting for the dwarf to take out the food and share it round.

“These are delicious! They are the best chocolate biscuits I have ever hud and I bet they are straight from Sunta’s Workshop!” announced Mrs. Wellspoon, while hungrily munching her first biscuit. It seemed that Matti had finally found some competition when it came to eating chocolate biscuits because Mrs. Wellspoon managed to eat not two, not three, not even four, but five large biscuits before stopping to have some tea. Matti was very impressed at his new teacher's appetite, “Mrs. Wellspoon, I hope that one of the things you teach us is how to eat so many biscuits in one go! I can only eat three and a half!”

After they had cleared away the food, they resumed their journey to Santa's Workshop. Mrs. Wellspoon’s suitcase had been moved to Mika’s back and even though he hadn’t complained Matti had understood from his friend's face that this suitcase was a really heavy one and his friend didn’t have much fun carrying it - Matti actually decided to fly the rest of the way despite Mika’s objections that he could easily carry him. Mrs. Wellspoon was walking beside Mr. Jodie Blacksmith and every-so-often she would spot something interesting, like a strange flower or a animal, and tell Mika and Matti all about it.

“Do you know the name of the rud flower that helps to relieve sore throats when you drink it in hot water?”, “Do you know what a buby bear is culled?” or “Does unybody know how to spell the word 'rose'?” Of course, neither Mika nor Matti knew any of answers to her questions, but loved listening to her explain all about them in great detail and in very interesting ways. Mr. Jodie Blacksmith preferred not to say anything but just kept quiet preferring to have a small smile on his face, until he found their was a long gap in the conversation. “It’s been a long time since you have been with us, Mrs. Wellspoon. Where have you been?” asked Jodie.

“Yes, Mr. Blacksmith, I have been away for far too long, but I have been teaching a group of forest elves in the south; it wus a very interesting experience and I learned a lot, but when I found out that Mr. Redmill was retiring from teaching in Sunta's School I wrote a letter to Sunta and, well, here I am.” She giggled, “Sunta has been a few times in my clusses and he knows my teaching methods, so I suppose he liked what he saw!” Matti, who had been listening to their conversation, couldn't help asking, “Has Santa ever been to school?” Mrs. Wellspoon nodded, “Of course, of course! Santa went to school a long, long time ago. He was very good at maths and geography... he was one of my best students!”


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