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Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 7 Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 7
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-09-26 08:41:57
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“Are nearly there yet?” moaned Matti yet again, but again neither Mika nor Jodie answered his question. Matti's enthusiasm for school had quickly begun to ebb away as he became increasingly hungry and tired. It is different when you slowly fly back, playing all the way, stopping whenever you want and wherever you want, but now they had a deadline to get back to Santa’s Workshop and Jodie obviously knew the way very well because he was leading them through the forests and valleys at a very quick pace, which was no fun at all, especially for the little magpie.

On their journey they hadn’t met any other travellers and when they saw some deer far, far away Mr. Jodie Blacksmith decided that it would be better if they avoided them and not waste any time. Mika had been very quiet thinking about how many things would change for him if he was able to read and write, and suddenly he was feeling ready to read all of the books that he had seen crammed on to the shelves in Santa’s library.

“Do you read, Mr. Jodie?” Mika asked the dwarf that was walking beside him. “Oh, I love reading, my friend! I think this is something that all dwarfs have loved to do ever since the beginning of time; we also write beautiful books!” This caught the magpie's attention, “Really? How many books have you written?" asked Matti. "None!" replied Jodie, "But I might get around to it one day. I have read quite a few though! And, before you ask, curious magpie, no I don't know how many books I have read!” Matti's face blushed red, "Err, I wasn't going to ask that at all! I, I was going to ask if any of them had magpies in them."

"Ha! Who would wunt to read about fut mugpies?" asked a sudden voice from somewhere to their right making the three of them stop in surprise. "So, little bird, you wunt to know whether some mugpie has appeared in a book?" continued the mysterious voice. Suddenly, from out of a bush beside the path, a female dwarf appeared. She was a bit different to what the two friends were used to and even Jodie had to look twice because this dwarf was a bit …round, as though she was a ball with arms, legs and a head, although it was a head covered in long red hair, a large nose that supported a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and she was dragging a very heavy suitcase behind her.

“The unswer is sudly no! There are no mugpie books, yet! Unyway, I bet you are off to Sunta's Workshop and I think you are ull in a great hurry. Am I right? Of course I am right! Yes, yes!" Mika and Matti both stared at the dwarf, but neither of them answered. “Oh come, come now! It is not a big secret! I’m going the same way!” the dwarf said again. Mika coughed and decided that it would be better if he answered, “Yes, Mrs., sorry what is your name?" The dwarf smiled, "Ahh, so we have a curious moose here; lots of questions, yes, lots of questions!"

Mika didn't want to ask another question after the dwarf had said that so he tried to simply make a statement, "Okay, well we are going to Santa’s Workshop and we are in a hurry, so if you don't mind we must get going or we will be late for school.”  The dwarf's eyes lit up behind her glasses, "School! Wonderful! Wonderful! Good idea if this little bird wunts to read all about mugpies!" She ended her sentence with a long loud chuckle. “And, and what’s wrong with that? Eh?” Matti had finally found his tongue and was ready for an argument, but the dwarf ignored Matti's anger, “There is nothing wrong with wanting to read or learn, my little friend. Actually, I like learning myself - in fact, this suitcase is packed full of books and notebooks all about reading and writing!”

"Calm down, Matti!" said Mika and again the dwarf's eyes lit up and a big smile formed on her lips, "Well, well, well! Tell me if I’m wrong, but a moose and a mugpie named Mutti on the way to Sunta’s workshop! Hmm! You wouldn't be the same two friends I have heard stories about for the last year? Are you really the two friends who helped to save Christmas?" Well, that calmed Matti down immediately and he puffed up all of his feathers, “Yes, yes! I’m Matti, the mugpie, sorry, magpie that saved Christmas and helped Santa on Christmas Eve! Oh, and this is Mika and Jodie.” Jodie hadn't said anything since the dwarf had appeared but now had a small smile on his face as though he was the only one who understood a joke. “I’m really honoured to meet you Mutti Mugpie and Mika Moose, and of course you Jodie!” replied the red-haired dwarf.

"Thanks! And it is really… hang on!" exclaimed Matti, "How do you know Jodie's name?" The dwarf smiled, "Everybody knows Mr. Jodie Blacksmith, the toolmaster! How have you been, Jodie? I haven't seen you for a very long time!" Jodie stepped forward and gave the dwarf a big hug, "I'm fine! Santa has kept me very busy and hopefully I have some new tools that will make the present making even faster, but…" The magpie couldn't hold himself any longer, "Yes, yes, yes, that is all very well and good, but WHO IS SHE?" Jodie gave Matti a big smile, "I'm sorry. Matti, please allow me to introduce Mrs. Wellspoon, your new teacher!”

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