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Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 6 Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 6
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-09-11 09:16:25
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6. A dwarf and a reindeer in the same class

“Have you ever been to school, Mr. Jodie Blacksmith?” They had finished their lunch and the dwarf had just lit his little wooden pipe sending clouds of smoke up into the clean sky. Mika could not resist asking since it had been on his mind all the time. “It was a really long time ago my friend, but yes, I have been to school!” The dwarf answered smiling at the little magpie who was trying to pick the last crumbs of his chocolate biscuits from the ground.

“It may have been a long time but did you ever see a magpie going to school?” Matti said while ruffling his wings everywhere trying to search for any last biscuit crumbs. The dwarf didn’t answer straight away, but just smoked his pipe for a little. “Well, I have to admit that I have never seen any magpie going to school, but...” and he stopped just to make sure that both friends were listening carefully, “but I’ve seen reindeer going to school!”

“WHAT?” said both friends in one voice!

“I can see that you find it difficult to believe but please believe me, I was in the same class with Blitzen!” said the dwarf and another “WHAT?” came from the two friends. “Blitzen? You mean … the Blitzen? You means …our?” Matti asked with his eyes wide open from the surprise. “Of course I mean our Blitzen and I have to tell you from what I remember, he was a brilliant student especially in maths!” said Mr. Jodie Blacksmith making some more smoke clouds with his pipe.

“You mean to tell us that all the reindeer have been to school?” Mika decided to be the one to make sure that he had just heard was true. “Of course they have all been to school, I think Santa demands that from all his people, to have the right education and for Santa to know mathematics and geography you can imagine how important it is!” Mika had to admit that the dwarf was right, especially when it was coming to geography. Even Matti seemed to understand that, “Fine, the reindeer need geography lessons but what about magpies? Why do I need geography lessons?”

“But Matti, from what I heard you are the force that leads Santa around the world, aren’t you. And if you are what the stories say then I can not imagine anybody else who needs geography lessons more!” The magpie thought for a little and then he said, “Are you trying to tell me that I don’t know where I’m going?” and he looked a bit insulted at the suggestion. “My little friend, I don’t mean anything like that, but wouldn’t it be better and easier if you knew exactly where you going and know the names as well?” Matti was thinking again and when he was ready to say something Mika said, “Fine with geography, but what about mathematics?” This time Mr. Jodie Blacksmith got more serious.

“My dear Mika, everything is about mathematics and calculations. You just have to think about Mr. Seemi calculating in his small notebook all the time, counting and thinking and writing. You count the toys, you measure the distance, you calculate the weight. All the elves in the workshop are using small and big measurements, all the dwarfs calculate carefully where to cut and what to add, all the toys and all the works are the result of careful calculation.” And taking a deep breath he pointed at Matti, “Matti, can explain to you better, he’s been Mr. Seeti’s assistant last year and he knows how important calculations are!”

Matti didn’t say anything but for a minute he seemed a bit embarrassed, “I was just carrying the notebook, Mr. Seemi was doing all the calculations!” Mika looked suddenly surprised, he had never thought about that, he had just seen his friend carrying his small notebook and he had thought that he was able to write and read and of course calculate but it seemed that Matti could do none of those. “Oh please, notebooks make you look important and that’s all that mattered!”

“And of course I’m not going to mention how important it is reading and writing, especially for you Matti,” continued the dwarf while smoking his pipe. “And it is not only to do with your Chief Assistant duties but with your own history!” Now the dwarf definitely had both friends’ full attention but especially Matti’s. “Who is going to be better to write how the magpie and the moose saved Christmas than you?”

That was it, before the dwarf blew another cloud of grey smoke the magpie had stood up and he was packing the picnic bits back into the dwarf’s bag. “We are ready, we spent too much time eating Mika, time to go, we have work to do and we should never leave Mrs. Wellspoon waiting. We must get there on time to start school!” Mika seemed equally convinced because he had also stood up ready to go and the only thing missing was for Mr. Jodie Blacksmith to put his small food bag back to his rucksack and start.

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