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Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 5 Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 5
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-09-04 09:15:25
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5. Meeting Jodie Blacksmith

This time they both heard the words and this time they both also saw just who was saying them. It was a slightly shorter than normal dwarf and he was a bit red in the face after shouting at Matti to stop making such a commotion with his singing, plus there was something strange about his eyes that made Mika and Matti nervous that something bad was about to happen. Matti was annoyed that he had forgotten again to put his escape practice into action, but he blamed it on the shock of the dwarf's sudden appearance and the fact that this dwarf was smaller than other dwarfs they had previously met on their adventures.

“Please, please, stop that singing, Mr. Matti!” begged the dwarf again in a calmer tone, “You are giving me a headache! I don't how you can stand it, Mr. Mika!” Mika tilted his head and looked closely at the dwarf, “Who are you and how do you know our names?” asked Mika, who was still ready to run away even from a little dwarf because they could be quite naughty and mischievous. “Don’t worry, so long as the magpie does not sing again I’m not a threat... on the contrary,” he said with a calmer voice. “I’m a friend; you might not remember me, but we have met a couple of times in the workshop.” Neither of them could remember but there were so many dwarfs in Santa’s Workshop that only Santa and Mr. Seemi, the chief elf, knew them all and could remember all of their names. “Ohhh, this is so nice! Peace and quiet at last!” the dwarf said with a sigh. 

“Ooops! I almost forgot! My name is Jodie Blacksmith and I’m heading back to Santa’s Workshop – they sent me out to find some new tools for the workshop!” Mika was still a bit careful, not everybody who said that he or she was from Santa’s workshop was necessarily from there and sometimes bad people were going around saying things like that. Of course the magpie was also careful but for entirely different reasons, he was angry! “What’s wrong with my song?” he demanded to know and then folded his wings angrily across his puffed up chest. “There is nothing wrong with the song, in fact I love that song! But, errr, there is definitely something wrong with your voice,” revealed the little dwarf. 

“You know in my family we have a tradition of good singers!” the magpie answered obviously insulted. “Well, you had better keep it in your family and leave the rest of us in ignorance!” answered the dwarf quickly making Mika smile with the answer. The magpie didn’t understand the sarcasm so he said with emphasis. “Of course we do, we don’t want all this talent to go out of the family!” 

“Do you want to share my biscuits?” suggested the dwarf, in order to change the conversation, “it's time for a lunch break anyway.” He opened the small rucksack he had on his back. The dwarf had sensed Mika’s mistrust and wanted to do something to prove him that he was trustworthy, but it was actually Matti who accepted the invitation first, “Do you, by any chance, have one or two extra chocolate biscuits that you don't want?” Jodie smiled, “Of course I have chocolate biscuits; this is a rucksack straight from Santa’s Workshop and I can put whatever I want inside.”

It was true and both Mika and Matti knew about these special magic bags. They were made by the elves with a lot of Santa’s magic and actually the very same sacks are used by Santa on his sledge on Christmas Eve. You could put just about anything inside and still have room to put more and more, and still carry it without any effort. They went and sat in the shade of a large tree in order to be out of the burning noon sun, which would melt chocolate biscuits in seconds – a lesson Matti had learned for quickly.

Jodie began emptying his sack. First he took out a small hammer and then another instrument the two friends didn’t recognize. “This is a special order from Mr. Seemi, he even designed it and it is to help with these new little cars the workshop started producing this year!” He placed another strange-looking tool on the ground, “This is another of Mr. Seemi’s ideas. The Chief is an incredible elf, full of new ideas and new tools! I wish I was more like him!” The two friends were really impressed looking at the two tools and Mika was feeling more confident that the dwarf was telling the truth and that he really was from Santa’s Workshop. 

“And here we are!” with these words a small red lunch box came out of the bigger bag and the smell of chocolate biscuits overwhelmed the little bird making him feeling a bit dizzy. “Sorry I couldn’t put any hot chocolate inside my bag, perhaps the next time, but I think there is plenty of cold water in the stream behind this rock!” The friends sat comfortably as Jodie Blacksmith placed three large chocolate biscuits in front of Matti, a small pack of clean and fresh hay in front of Mika and a piece of bread with cheese in front of him. Then he filled three small wooden cups with fresh spring water and he sat down, “What are you waiting for? Let’s eat!”

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