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Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 3 Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 3
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-08-24 08:16:51
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“Mika, what did you say?” squawked the dazed magpie as he lay on the ground staring up at the bemused face of his friend, “Did you say we are going to school because that's what it sounded like up there?” Mika nodded at his friend, “Yes, Matti, we are going to school. I have been trying to tell you for the past ten days, but you never listen! All you do is play games and shovel chocolate biscuits and ice cream into that hole in your face, never stopping enough to listen to me. I'm sorry, I also didn't have the heart to tell you and spoil all your games!”

The magpie jumped up and began to hop around Mika's legs, “Ohh, now I understand! It's another of your little jokes! 'Let's tease poor little Matti about going to school'... I know, it's just because you are jealous because you can't eat as many chocolate biscuits as me, or eat big scoops of chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips and chocolate syrup... mmm, I'm getting hungry! Sorry, what was I saying?” Mika sighed, “Matti, you are unbelievable! You really need to go to school and improve your concentration.”

Matti stopped walking and stared at Mika, “What? My concentration is fine; I can do lots of the times tables in my head – two times two is, errr, four, four times four is, is, well, it doesn't matter right now!” Mika sat down beside the magpie, “Matti, that is multiplication and the answer to four times four is 16. I was talking about concentration and the ability to keep your brain on one subject – not chocolate – for more than one minute. It is important to learn new things in order to become a better magpie, or, in my case, moose!”

“Hang on!” squawked the magpie, “If you are so clever and know the answer to four times four and what concentration means, then why do you have to go to school and why can't you just teach me the stuff I don't know? I bet you haven't got an answer to that Mr Clever Moose!” Matti looked very proud of himself and puffed up his chest and then pointed a wing at Mika as if to end his brilliant argument, but this didn't last long. “Matti, I may know some things, but I don't know everything and I want to learn more. Don't you want to learn more about the world and how to do multiplication? Wouldn't you want to know how many chocolate biscuits you would have if you got five every day for seven days?”

“Mika! Why would I care how many chocolate biscuits there are? Firstly they are all mine, so there's no need to count! And secondly there's never enough biscuits, so I would want more anyway!” The magpie and moose were both quiet for a moment, until Mika broke the silence, “Please listen to me, you have to go to school and I have to go to school; everybody has to go to school in order to learn how to read, write and count! We start school in a few days at Santa's Workshop and one of the elves will be our teacher. I’m not sure who, but I suspect it is going to be Mrs. Wellspoon!”

“Mrs. Wellspoon? Hahahaha! What kind of name is that? Mrs. Smelly Spoon, more like! Is this a real name? Hahaha!” Mika was getting a bit angry with the bird now but he had to admit that the idea of going to school was also making him a bit nervous as well. Not so much as the little bird but still it was something new for him. The young moose was used to being outside all the time in the open, in the green fields or the white of the snow-covered hills, and the idea of being in a classroom didn't fill him with joy either.

“I hate this Mrs. Welly Moon!” Matti said suddenly scaring some of the other birds that were around. “You don’t know Mrs. Wellspoon, Matti!” Mika replied, but Matti was in one of his stubborn moods. “And I don’t want to know her! I’m not coming and that's final!” shouted the angry magpie, “They can't make me go! I’m going to stay here and eat my chocolate biscuits! I don't need to learn my BCA or count to ten. I'm. Not. Going. To. School.”

Mika had hoped he wouldn't have to use any naughty tricks, but Matti was leaving him with very little choice, “Ok, Matti, you are right. You don't have to go to school and nobody can force you.” Matti stopped hopping around and blinked, “Pardon?” Mika continued, “You're right, nobody can force you, it's just that, well...” Matti was listening now, “Just what, Mika? Just what?” Mika coughed, “Well, it's just that Santa will be so disappointed that you won't be there. He said that you'd make a great student and couldn't wait to see you again.” 

The moose knew that using Santa's name was naughty trick, but it had worked exactly as he planned. “Did Santa really say that, Mika? Did he really think that I'd make a great student? Hang on! How do you know what Santa said?” Mika had been ready for this question, “Do you remember the four elves that we met a week or ten days ago? You know, the ones that stayed with us for the night and one of them played the fantastic music?” The moose tried to refresh the magpie’s memory. “Oh, the ones that made that wonderful soup with the mushrooms we picked in the forest?” Of course the magpie connected everything with food, so he nodded. “Well, they brought me a message from Santa about starting school and about seeing us both again, especially you!”

“What? That was it? No kisses from Santa? No, how is Matti?” Sometimes Mika could not understand his friend and actually that gave him a hopeful thought, who knows how school might help him understand the magpie. If he was lucky it might help him understand all magpies of this world better, even though looking at his upset friend, who was still complaining because Santa had forgotten to ask about him, he seriously had his doubts!

The moose began walking towards the small opening on the side of the hill where they had spent the last two nights. “Hey Mika, where are you going?” Mika turned around, “I'm going to pack. I have to start school in a couple of days and it will take some time to return to Santa's Workshop. Why do you ask?” Matti flew up into the air and landed on Mika's head, “I think you mean: We need to pack because WE start school in a couple of days! Let's go to school and learn our CBAs, my moose friend!”

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