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Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 2 Matti & Mika: Start school: Chapter 2
by Thanos K & Asa B
2009-08-14 07:47:30
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Element of surprise

“I'm sorry, Matti! I didn't mean for you to get hurt!” Mika shouted, but Matti was sulking and refusing to reply. “Come back! We have to talk about something very important! I have some news that I should have told you weeks ago!” shouted Mika, but when Matti was sulking the only thing to do was wait for a chocolate biscuit to appear and he would quickly forget all about whatever was upsetting him. Mika sighed and walked back under the tree and sat down upon the grass. “Hey! Watch out!” squeaked a little voice. Mika looked down and saw a small brown rabbit staring at him curiously.

“Please excuse me! I didn't see you there!” apologised Mika, “I hope I didn't hurt you; it seems as though I am hurting everybody today!” The rabbit licked his paws and then hopped round to face Mika, “Nobody hurt, Mr. Moose, nobody hurt!” replied the rabbit, “I managed to jump down a hole before your bottom squashed me, squashed me flat as a pancake!” Mika smiled at the rabbit, “Anyway, I'm Mika! What's your name?” The rabbit hopped around Mika's legs and nibbled at a blade of long grass, “My name, you say, what's my name? Well, well, well, my name is, err, oh yes, my name is Rufus. Rufus is what they call me, Mr. Mika.”

Mika smiled at the funny rabbit and then looked up at the sky, but he couldn't see Matti anywhere. “Sorry to mention it, but with these big ears I couldn't help overhearing your problem, your problem, Mr, Mika. Can I help at all?” Mika thought for a moment, “If you could lend my friend a pair of your ears, so he would stop to listen for a few moments... I have to tell him some news that he isn't going to like and I don't know how to tell him. Any suggestions?”

The rabbit stopped chewing upon a leaf and stroked his furry chin with his little paw, “How bad is the bad news?” Mika whispered the news into the rabbit's ear, “Oh my! Oh my! He doesn't seem like the type of bird that is going to respond well to that sort of bad news... hmmm, not respond well at all! Wish I could help you tell him the bad news, sorry!” The rabbit gave a loud belch and dived down one of the nearby rabbit holes leaving Mika alone.

“Tell who the bad news” squawked the familiar voice of Matti making Mika jump. “How long have you been listening, Matti? It isn't polite to listen to other people's conversations... anyway, how's your beak? Does it hurt?” Matti held his beak up, “Better than ever, although that was a mean trick to play! However, it does prove that I do need more escape practice and I have decided to schedule more practice hours everyday.” Mika drew a deep breath and decided to finally tell Matti the bad news, “Matti, we have to talk!”

The small bird hopped back and cocked his head, “What are we doing at this very moment, Mika? Aren’t we talking? Am I imagining this conversation? Am I asleep and dreaming?” With an even deeper sigh the moose tried to continue, “I mean seriously talk, Matti, and you have to listen to me!” The small magpie stretched out his wings and then tried to look serious, “Don't you think I’m serious? Just look at me… look at my eyes, look at my wings, look at my beak, look how handsome I am, wow! Oh sorry, I am the most serious magpie in the world!”

Mika just stood looking at the magpie marvelling at just how vain his friend could be and whether Matti would ever just shut up and listen. “Mika, can I play for five more minutes? Only five minutes and then I promise I will be more serious than I have ever been before in all my life!” and with that he flew up into the sky. “Just tell him, tell him!” came the voice of the rabbit from a nearby hole, so Mika drew a deep breath and shouted, “We are going to schoooool!!!” Matti couldn't believe what he just heard and lost his concentration for a moment, which was just enough time for his to fly into the tree again and crash to the ground. Mika walked over to his dazed friend and said, “You really, really do need more escape practice!”

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