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Green Skulls!: Chapter 3 Green Skulls!: Chapter 3
by Pamela Hunt
2009-05-22 08:02:48
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When we last saw the two boys Kevin and Aaron…sixth graders at McKinley High, they were working on a plan to end the horrible demon Goth's reign of terror on earth as well as in the valley of the skulls!

Aaron was not about to be grabbed and pulled back underneath the earth where hideous, mean creatures could torture and torment him all day long and even all night if they felt like it.

They weren't even sure if it was only in the cemetery that boys were disappearing…. it might happen anywhere!

And did it only happen to boys and men who were smoking?

"If I know Goth," said Aaron, "it probably doesn’t matter!"

Aaron turned out to be right because three days later, on a Wednesday during lunch hour, the boys heard the grim news!

"Two of our prettiest cheerleaders have disappeared into the ground," said Henry O, a kid with braces and dark, horn-rimmed glasses.

"They wouldn't have given you the time of day anyway, Henry," said Aaron, "go sit down!"
Henry, poor thing, was used to people treating him like he was just a nerd. Ok, so he knew…
As every brilliant kid ever did….someday when he was rich and famous…he would get even!

All of the sixth grade was mourning the loss!

Bindy and Carlisle were two of the sweetest girls in the sixth grade….

All day, people were saying things like this;

"I miss my girls!" The cheerleading coach was in tears!

Aaron and Kevin knew that the time to act was now…before anymore of their friends and class-mates were grabbed up by the terrible one, Goth!

The two boys knew they had to be brave….

That night…both snuck out of the house after dark. They went to the cemetery.

They weren't smoking; no, they had promised their parents that they wouldn't do that anymore.

"As sure as there are demons," said Kevin to Aaron, "there are also angels….and so-
I call upon the destroyer!" He looked up to the heavens and he appeared to be praying.

The next thing the boys knew they were not alone!

They jumped back as a large, glowing white object….it appeared to be a man, stood before them!

"I am the destroyer!" he laughed, then laughed a booming laugh and smiled at the boys.
They smiled back….

"So, I hear you have been having a little trouble with a wimp named Goth?"

The boys nodded, although wimp didn’t seem the right description to use…

"I'll take care of him….."

"You have to smoke," said Aaron, so the destroyer who seemed to form a cigarette out of mid-air- did just that. He was puffing on a cigarette…when a black hand came out of the earth and tried grabbing his ankle.

The destroyer reached down and snatched Goth by his arm and yanked him abruptly up above ground level.

"Oh no you don’t, Goth," he said…and then when the demon saw the destroyer, also known as heaven's avenger, he began to tremble and shake and whine like a dog…

Goth was then bound in chains that appeared from out of thin air….

And when the destroyer had him bound….

He disappeared with Goth without a word to the boys….

Just then, Bindy, Carlisle and a whole group of other people, mostly men and boys appeared out of the ground. "The destroyer set us free," they cried……

"Wait until the press gets a hold of this," said Kevin.

"I have questions for that destroyer guy," Aaron said….Kevin nodded!

He did not forsake them….

He appeared to each of them in their rooms as they climbed into bed for the night.

"Where did you take Goth?" Kevin asked.

"I took him to a planet where he will exist in chains for all eternity," said the destroyer.

"Can he escape?" Kevin asked worried.

"Nope….even if he got out of the chains," said the angel…."He is stranded in a part of the galaxy that he can never escape from!"

"Cool!" said Kevin and he leaped up to hug his friend.

"Oh…don’t touch me Kevin…for I am in my glorified state…."

"Thanks destroyer," Kevin said humbly and then the big guy disappeared.

The next day in school Aaron said the same thing had happened to him.

"I guess we don’t have to worry about Goth anymore…..Kevin was happy!

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AUTHOR-Pam Hunt2009-05-22 00:52:38
sorry about the typos...

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