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Green Skulls!: Chapter 2 Green Skulls!: Chapter 2
by Pamela Hunt
2009-04-13 08:37:54
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Kevin and Aaron are talking on the phone to one another.

"Can you believe I escaped from Goth?" Aaron was still somewhat in shock…

"No, I can hardly believe you're alive," Kevin said…. "But I kept telling everybody to pray…."

"Goth is really an idiot!" Aaron shuddered remembering the abuse by the fiery-eyed monster.

"He is weird!" Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat and shook off the fear that threatened to wrap him in is icy clutches!

Aaron told Kevin the deal he had made with Goth if he would just let Aaron escape.

"What did he ask you for?" Kevin was all ears at this point!

"He said he wanted….ten evil Chinese men and ten evil Chinese cats!"

"Oh no….Kevin was shocked…."He really said that?"


"How are you going to keep your end of the bargain?"Kevin wondered…

"I can't…" said Aaron, "and sometimes I’m afraid he will come after me!"

"He will never take you away from your friends again!" Kevin promised."Love is thicker than water!"

He wasn't sure why he had said that…but he loved his friend Aaron and he would never let Goth have him again!

The two of them stayed out of the cemetery!

Kevin went on the internet on his computer!

He looked up demons and Hades and anything he could find to help him solve the mystery. He looked up Goth….and his Gothic religion.

"I found it!" he called out suddenly. Aaron had been sitting on Kevin's bed doing his homework.

"Come here, Aaron, quick!" Aaron listened, he jumped off Kevin's bed and raced over to the computer to see what the other boy had found!

Kevin read it out loud…."In the valley of the green skulls…Goth - a demon of great stature - was banned by all good forces centuries ago…"

The boys kept reading….

He wants souls for his Kingdom as a way of getting revenge!

He steals boys and men who are doing wrong and scares and tortures them with evil devices!

Arachnea is his mistress; she can turn people into spiders!

"Ooh…creepy," said Aaron, "I met her!"

Kevin blinked disbelieving, "You did?"

Aaron nodded, "There were other weird things and creatures…he explained, "They slunk in and out of the hollow eyes of the green, glowing skulls…."

"Why doesn't he pick on girls?" Kevin inquired….

"I guess because Arachnea is so jealous!"

"I see….Kevin read the entire history on Goth and the valley of the Green Skulls until finally he said, "I've got it!"

"Got what?" Aaron wondered aloud.

"I think I know what we can do to break the curse off earth and all it's inhabitants, so that Goth can no longer terrorize us anymore?"

"Wow….said Aaron, "You pull this one off and you will be an American hero!"

Kevin just smiled at his friend!

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