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Green Skulls!: Chapter 1 Green Skulls!: Chapter 1
by Pamela Hunt
2009-04-08 10:03:23
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In the valley of bones….In the depths of Hades….was a weird place called Golgatha!

A pyramid of green skulls….could be seen, which glowed ominously day and night!

They cast an eerie light on everything….and odd creatures crept around the Green Skulls, afraid of their power!

Goth, a strange demon ruled with a fiery wrath….He was black with long, red talons….his eyes were fiery red!

He was always luring people…of earth down to Golgotha! So, he could torture them….

How?  He made them drink from the cauldrons of bubbling hate that he had prepared for those who weren't wise!

He captured young men caught in every sin…a few had been caught chain-smoking…He sucked them down….like a vacuum into the earth!  The earth would literally swallow them…their screams ringing in his ears, Goth would laugh!
And say,"Too bad suckers!"

Then, he would put Cyberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades, on the poor UN-suspecting boys!
His sinister laugh echoing through the caves and seemingly oozing from the green skulls hollow eyes….

Arachnea….an evil woman, all dressed in black….would turn some of them into spiders!

One evening, Aaron Dawson, and Kevin Manning, both thirteen years-old, were smoking in a cemetery!

"This is kind of scary," Aaron said puffing hurriedly on a Camel. Kevin nodded, taking the cigarette from Aaron's hand and puffing on it!

Suddenly, a hand came out of the ground, and it grabbed Aaron by his ankle!  Kevin is screaming….his mind no longer working the same way it did…His legs feel like running, but they can't move!

Aaron disappeared into a big, dark hole in the ground….he, Kevin could still hear the boy shrieking!

Kevin is speechless.  He doesn’t talk for about two months!

When he finally gets his voice back…no one believes his story!

Kevin worries that he is next!

Where is my friend Aaron, he pleads with the night air…he is standing on his front porch!

Was Aaron in Hell?

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