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10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 49 10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 49
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-23 07:49:47
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49. This one end

It was early evening and the sun was still up in the sky. The snow had melted and a rain a few days ago had taken the last bits of the white patches here and there. What was left was only the sand and the rocks they had spay all around to protect people from the slippery ice. The days where getting fast bigger and there were days the sun was worm calling us to sit outside and enjoy the brief Finnish spring and summer.

When I first came to this country I really enjoyed the visual change of the seasons but after ten years however strange it might sounds I feel it more inside me, I somehow expecting it, welcome it and enjoy it as long it lasts and that includes all the season, winter and autumn. I know it sounds difficult living so close to the arctic cycle but ion truth the nature has so many ways to reward you even in a small group of houses with a common centre for the kids to play. There were no flowers yet but you could feel that nature was ready to blossom and you had the feeling that tomorrow when you wake up you will see a flower here and there.

I drank some of the coffee from the cup I was holding and I looked sadly in the direction of Leena’s house. Leena wasn’t there of course,, she had moved a couple of weeks before and my friend, the other Leena was just doing her second round around the small path with her hat, her evening gymnastics. She smiled and waved at me and then she started walking towards my patio with her cat pushing any other direction except the ones Leena wanted to follow. “How ‘s your arm?” she asked when she got closer and I could hear her. I light the cigarette I was holding for so long and I did a move showing her that everything was fine. Actually it was healing much faster than we expected. Nothing was broken it was just because of my general health situation that everybody got scared. There were some little pains here and there but nothing a painkiller couldn’t short out and it just took a few days for me to start moving normal again. Being a left handed person missing your left hand for a left handed it can be a hell of nagging but nothing more.

Leena moved closer and sat on the wooden floor of the patio next to me, “have you heard anything new?” I moved my head. I hadn’t heard anything new, Juha staid only for the night in the police station and then moved somewhere east, away from Helsinki. The police suggested to me to press charges against him but I didn’t. I felt and still feel so sorry for him! Actually and I know it might sounds silly but this is the worst thing I have for anybody, to feel sorry for them. Juha was a sick man who had lost the most valuable thing in life, his dignity and didn’t matter what I would do there was very little for him to return. He had diminished himself in a life lower to human and that made me feel very sad.

Leena on the other side had been lucky in her unluckiness or at least that’s how I felt about her. Things had gone crazy early so she had the time to understand who Juha really was and she could manage with her loses. Of course the whole thing left her with a lot of bad memories and probably insecurities and other traumas. The good news were that she didn’t lose her job and when people found out – is always difficult to keep this short of secrets even in the pathological secretive Finnish society – they helped her to get back on her feet at least jobwise and financially. Her family and her friends helped her to find a new house quickly and she moved as fast as she could. She still blames herself for my arm and oddly i think this guilt will be the reason for her to keep away from me even though Helsinki is a small place and you meet people accidently in the model of the city sometimes.

Leena and me? Well we smiled, I lit another cigarette and she said something to her cat and we both smiled with the thought that things happen to us always accidentally. One thing I never solved out was the mystery with the blood ring but as I said things always happen to me and things always happen in Helsingingatu!

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