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10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 48 10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 48
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-18 09:23:05
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The attack

As I was saying in the last episode I was standing in front of Leena’s house trying to light a cigarette when I felt something happening on my left and I saw my cigarette flying in the air. The pain came after and it was bad. It started from my arm and hit straight to my brain making me bend and this is when the second hit came, this time high on my shoulder.

I was on the concrete floor still dizzy and trying to understand what was going on when I saw the piece of wood coming to my face. I’m not a small man, I’m six foot one and I weight a bit over two hundred and seventy pounds which means I am a big man. Unfortunately my health adventure the last three years has left me with an unbalance body and still trying to get used to my new metabolism with all the medication and the chemotherapy. Sometimes I find it difficult to walk hundred meters and of course anything sudden could put me off balance, especially an unexpected attack from the side when I was not watching and definitely I was not prepared. Because that exactly7 what happened to me that evening.

Is one thing to say about somebody you know that this is a dangerous and unpredictable person and another story to become victim of his unexpected behaviour. Regarding Juha I always felt a bit confident, fine the man was obviously beating Leena but everything I had read and knew this kind of behaviour comes from cowards who reflect their insecurities against people weaker than them and Juha compared to me looked like pigmy. But then an attack from the back it was something that never crossed my mind and living in a neighbourhood where everybody knows everybody, where kids play in the gardens and in the common area the last thing you expect is an attack in the patio of one of those houses.

After getting the second hit and losing my balance I was in the floor and the shadow – I hadn’t seen yet his face – was coming after me holding a big piece of wood; that was pretty clear. The instinct of survival made me roll on the side and avoid the hit that was definitely aiming my face and until he pull back the piece of wood and come after me again I had the time to stand up and take a more defensive posture starting worrying for what would happen if he hit me seriously and continue through the open door inside the house where Leena was laying in bed not aware of anything.

You know, when you read a book it is somehow a cliché the phrase that seconds pass like centuries and I have to admit that I felt that the moment he moved against me again. I saw his face and his eyes full of hate coming after me, actually I had the sense that he could not even see me, I had the time to think that this was a very sick man and I was in deep shit! My arm  was aching and I started feeling losing my leg, for some reason it was going numb. And it was Juha! Now he had come in front the light and I could see clearly his face, his anger and the thick piece of wood that was coming against me.

Juha, what the hell are you doing? Amazing but I really screamed that. No answer, something came in Finnish but even if I could understand it sounded more like an animal with some Finnish words here and there. Again aiming my head he hit the air, I had moved to my left holding my arm with the pain increasing dramatically with every move. Then I don’t know what happened and how it happened; I suppose it has to do with all the adventure films I have seen the last forty years otherwise I cannot explain it. Juha somehow while aiming my head and trying to get something that was much higher than him lost his balance and he nearly fell. This gave me the chance to kick him and accidentally I hit the back of his leg obviously making him lose totally his balance and causing some pain without really planning it. I have to admit that I was aiming a different part of his body and not his leg but …this I got and I was somehow glad with the result.

Seeing him losing his balance made me more confident and a second kick followed aiming this time the piece of wood he was holding so tightly. The wood fell on his face making him scream. It was an animal scream, a hurt wolf or something like that but my pain wasn’t letting me to think again so I kicked him again and I suppose that I would have kicked him again if somebody hadn’t put a hand around my waist and pulled me back. I turned ready for an accomplish or something like that to find my policeman neighbour saying something I didn’t really understand and Leena standing exactly behind him with both hands in her mouth covering a scream. Juha was still at the floor screaming and swearing.

Before I light the cigarette I had missed a few minutes ago in an effect to calm down a police car parked a few meters away and two policemen jumped out ready for everything. Our policeman neighbour had already immobilized Juha holding on the floor with both arm and a knee on his legs and Leena was standing there still covering her mouth and tears running on her cheeks.

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