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10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 47 10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 47
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-02-17 07:29:02
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The pain came after

Leena, can you understand that …something must change? I asked quite suddenly watching her drinking slowly her tea. “You mean with Juha?” she asked and I nodded. “Yes, I know that something must change!” she said with a sigh, “I loved him!” she added with a very low voice. I didn’t know what to say.

The truth is that I hadn’t realize how bad the beating had been until when she accidentally let the cardigan she was wearing to slip from her shoulder. I was in shock seen all these bruises on her white skin. There were purple, blue, brown and yellow bruises; a sign that he had done it again and again. The man had obviously been beating her all this time and we all somehow knew. I stood up instinctly.

“You need a cigarette?” yes I need a cigarette, I actually need an excuse to get put of this room and I need a good excuse to calm my self down before I do something stupid like call the bastard and go to meet him. I took a deep breathe and I lit a cigarette. There was still light in Miko’s balcony and I had the feeling that he had checked to see who is outside. Somehow that made me feel a bit better even though I couldn’t believe that there was any chance for Juha to come back.

I went inside to find Leena laying on the sofa with her eyes closed. “Do you feel hungry?” she said without opening her eyes. No, I’m fine. Don’t you think it will be better if you go to bed? I will just stay here, I might watch something on television. “Are you going to be all right?” she said opening her eyes and moving to stand up. I’m going to be fine, don’t worry. And without another word she walked out of the room. I heard her going to bed and I turned on the television.

Not that I could understand anything and because of an old wound from a diving accident I could not hear very well so I needed the sound pretty high. But with her in her bed I had the volume off and only pictures running in front of me. Two of the channels had finished for the evening with their programs and the private ones were running old horror series that didn’t really interest me. I tuned to the news channels with BBC showing the latest news from Iraq and Afghanistan. You definitely don’t need sound with those, dead bodies everywhere.

The French channel has subtitles so I stayed here for a bit watching a film about a painter all happening sometime in the beginning of the eighteenth century. I love French cinema but again this was not the right evening to watch a romance. I turned off the television and checked the small bookshelf to find something I could read, I mean in English! Nothing. I turned the television again. The weather! More snow to come, more ice on the streets the temperature drops down even more. Doesn’t matter what language you speak or understand, the weather reports always has …little pictures and that is something you can understand.

I turned to the French drama and start watching it without really watching it. I could not still believe what I had just seen. All these bruises! And how the hell we hadn’t seen anything. I suppose is always easy to say and think things like that after everything is out, but when they happen you just act like …blind. The good news is that Leena had done something before things get worst.

Another clever idea! How worst things could get? They had already reached the worst. Sometimes human mind needs stupid excuses to forgive acts and thoughts and this …could be worst is one of them. Well it was the worst and I really hoped that Leena could see that. On my way to the toilet I checked in the bedroom and I felt a bit better hearing her breathe. She was obviously asleep. Oddly when serious things happen the body needs rest and sleep is the best cure.

Drinking a glass of water I stood looking outside from the kitchen’s window and I had the feeling that something was not right but when you going through a creepy night like this one everything seems not right. I shook my head, drank the water and decided that it was time for another cigarette.

I checked again Leena and made sure that she was quiet asleep. The television was still on and that moment the two stars were sharing a very tender kiss so I picked my jacket and I went out for a cigarette. I tried to lit my cigarette but the cold wind forced me to try again and the again.

I have to admit that I was more focused to my cigarette than anything else and despite the fact that when I was standing in front the kitchen window I had the feeling that something was outside of the house I didn’t feel anything weird. I just tried to lit my cigarette again and again. And still I didn’t see anything, and I didn’t hear anything, I just felt the pain on my left arm and I saw in slow motion my cigarette flying from my hand to the air. I was watching it! The pain came after!

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make-up is to cover up ow2010-02-17 13:22:04
oh, the good samaritans always move me... snif!

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