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10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 18 10 Helsinginkatu: Chapter 18
by Thanos Kalamidas
2009-03-20 14:12:15
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18.  A woman in love

So there was something going on between those two, obviously! The way she was walking next to him, somehow trying to be part of his air made me sure that here was a woman in love. That was something that always amazed me, beyond nationality, ethnicity, colour or religion you can always say when a woman is in love and it is especially obvious when she’s around the man she’s in love. I don’t think the same happens when it comes to men, I think men adopt a cooler or even cold attitude or perhaps men are more self-cantered when it comes to love.

Leena was walking slowly and carefully on the icy road holding his hand and every so often she was giving him brief looks while he was walking steadily without looking left or right, straight back and well-calculated steps. I don’t know but this man somehow kept confusing me. There was something very confident the way he was walking and the same time there was something very suspicious the way he carrying himself if you know what I mean.

I’m a bit taller than the average man and the last two years due to my health problems my metabolism changed dramatically with the result to gain a lot of weight, still and according to what other people tell me despite the shock of gaining all this weight I carry my self pretty comfortably and exactly that has made me notice people in that sense, how they carry themselves. Strange but since I started that I have done a series of very weird observations.

Take Marc for example, Marc is about my height and he has put some extra weight the last three years but you can say that this extra weight even though he hasn’t get used to it yet it gave him somehow the certain maturity and confidence he was missing, the same time if you see Richard you can see that all his life he had these extra pounds and he would love to lose some of them, they would definitely give him more confidence but he doesn’t know how to do it so he just compromises with the fact that it is there, of course compromise doesn’t mean that he accepts it. You see what I mean, is amazing the things you can see watching how people carry their self.

But back to Leena, I was watching them walking a few meters away from until we reached my door, then I just turned to my house and let them walk the few meters until her house. I was alone home so I did the first thing I always do when I get to the house, turned on the computer and I spend the rest half an hour checking mails and commends in the magazine. The next morning I had to visit the vampires and that somehow had entered my mind since the morning. I haven’t told you about my vampires yet. Well nothing to do with televised teenager dramas. Due to health problem and with one of them been chronic I have to make often blood tests so they can measure my insulin levels. After so long been there testing at least ones a month I got to know nearly everybody, I got to know who can find the vein straight away and who is going to torture me and make look like a junky from the holes they are going to open in my arm.

There is one guy, originally from Somalia who is just brilliant, after saying our good mornings and talk a bit about life in Finland he says ‘…and that’s it!’ And it really is that’s it, while we talk he has found the right vein just running his fingers over my arm, he has put the right needle without me feeling everything and take the portion of blood they need. Unfortunately he is not there all the time and despite my kind effect I fail to find him or try to find out if he is there so sometimes I end up with somebody who thinks that my arm is the right place to practice darts!

Time for a cigarette and Leena is outside despite the cold, just outside her balcony wearing just a t-shirt and all around the man with the same black t-shirt. I try not to look but I can feel him watching me which makes me a bit uncomfortable so I finish my cigarette quickly and I get inside back to my computer and The Doors! The rock-group I mean. I know that Finland in the winter is not the most cheering place and I know that listening the …end from the Doors is not exactly the best idea but …that’s what I had in my CD player and that’s what I was listening at the moment.

Tried to call Marc but there was no answer, something that made me a bit angry. That’s his latest thing, not answering telephone calls! Ok I might as well work a bit even though I really fancy a hot cappuccino now. Surfing through the news I didn’t realize how long passed but in some point I thought that I heard a hard knock on the garden door. That’s something that makes me jump because a couple of years ago somebody stole some things from the patio. I never lock the door or anything and actually I never believed that anybody would take anything from there, the only things there is just some flowers and a couple of bases for candles; however that period I think it was Christmas we had somehow decorate the patio adding reindeer horns and that’s exactly what they took. So I jumped from my desk and ready to catch a thief I ran to the door to see …Leena standing there smiling!

All characters and events depicted are fictional, and any resemblance to persons living, dead, or fictional or situations past, present, or fictional is purely and completely coincidental. 

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