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My Encounter with a Space Alien My Encounter with a Space Alien
by Chad Norman
2009-01-31 10:26:36
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The day I refused to go away with a space alien in his flying saucer.

When I was in my late teens, there were times when I felt lonely, I did not own anything, I was not working or attending school, and I did not have much energy or desire for anything – no ambitions of any kind. To make things worse, my parents were in the direst financial situation ever.

We were living in an apartment building. The apartment had only three bedrooms for twelve of us; the entire family. One bedroom was for the five girls, one for the five boys and the other one for my parents.

One time, late at night, I could not sleep and without my brothers noticing, I got up and sat on a chair right next to the open window. I could see the houses below. The sky was clear and full of stars; it was a tranquil and beautiful sight.

During that melancholy that I was going through, I wished that I could see an U.F.O. and perhaps they could take me with them. I had always been fascinated by anything that had to do with the outer space, mainly after Russia had sent the satellite Sputnik to orbit the Earth.

Suddenly, in the distance straight out, a flying saucer appeared from nowhere and it was coming toward me. It stopped at about twenty feet from my window and stayed there hovering, but not making any noise. After a couple of minutes a figure appeared to come out through the wall of the space ship – there were no doors. The alien was floating in the air and approached my window; he was about three feet from me. He had a human shape, slender body with a large head and big eyes.

He started talking to me, but I could not see his mouth move, it was like I was reading his mind and he was reading mine. He asked if I wanted to go with him, but I could never come back. He promised that I could learn many things and travel throughout the Universe and other Galaxies.

I was mesmerized, I did not answer right away – I hesitated for a moment which seemed like an Eternity. All kinds of thoughts were going through my mind at lightning speed. I wanted so much to leave everything behind me on this Earth and yet, when the moment arrived, I was not sure. I guess I was too close to my family, I could not conceive the idea of not seeing them again. At that fraction of a second, I realized that I could not leave my family. That was the time when they needed me the most. I was the oldest of the ten children; my brothers and sisters were still small and could not fend for themselves. My father was the only bread-winner, which was not enough to care for all – I had to stay and help my family.

In a way, I felt sorry to say no to the space alien, but my family was more important to me, besides, my parents were relying on me for help – I could not disappoint them. The creature from outer space apparently followed every single thought flashing through my mind at that moment. Next thing, he said he understood, waved good bye, turned around, got into the spacecraft and left, just as silently and fast as when he had arrived. Never saw him again.

This amazing happening gave a new outlook in my life. I felt there was hope for me and my family. A few days later, a friend of my father offered me a very lucrative job working for a national television plant in their scenery department. I accepted immediately.

Ever since then, I have not had any more encounters with space aliens.

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Asa2009-01-31 17:16:08

Alexander Mikhaylov2009-02-01 02:06:04
Hah! Interestingly enough, I have seen it once (or at least, it looked like something ... truly weird)

ok2009-02-04 08:33:13

tsajayreddy2011-09-06 16:23:11
finest one and nice narration of the story

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