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The Carnivorous Caterpillar The Carnivorous Caterpillar
by Chad Norman
2009-01-23 10:00:52
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The story of a gluttonous caterpillar who ate beyond his capacity.

Once upon a time in Miami, Florida, there was a caterpillar who ate red meat only. He was most satisfied when he ate a large portion of spare ribs. He used to go to a place famous for the most succulent spare ribs in town called Shorty’s Bar-B-Q. This place has been in business for many years and the caterpillar never missed a day.

Once in a while, he would go to a more distinguished place to eat filet mignon at a very fancy place in Coral Gables called Christy’s Steak House, where he would eat until he could not walk anymore.

On Sundays he would go to “La Carreta” a Cuban restaurant to eat pork chops. On the way back to his three in Homestead, he would munch on hot dogs from Seven-Eleven and wash it down with a “slurpy.”  He did not stop eating while he was awake.

He got to be so big from all the excessive eating that for the last few days when going back home he would take the bus – to the amazement of the other passengers -  he could not walk or crawl any longer.

As he went up the tree to finally go into a cocoon so he could become a butterfly, the branches could not hold him. He had to build the cocoon on the trunk of the tree.

As time passed, it was time for the caterpillar turned butterfly to come out of the cocoon. Suddenly, instead of a wing coming out, long and behold, it was a leg, then another  leg, then the third and finally a fourth leg came out – it was a beautiful pig with all kinds of designs on his skin, in all colors. Luckily he had a small set of wings which enabled him to fly to the nearest farm to munch on vegetables. The little pig was a vegetarian!

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Emanuel Paparella2009-01-23 23:39:32
How wrong was Descartes to declare that fairy tales and fables are only for children and rational men can dispense with them and the imaginative and poetical in general (see his Discourse on Method). It appears that Ovi has an Aesop in its midst. Congratulations to both Ovi and Mr. Davila.

Rene Davila2009-01-24 01:19:56
Thank you for the kind words Professor Paparella. I attribute my willingness to share my stories with everyone through this great magazine, to your teachings. Ever since I took my first Philosophy class with you about a yera ago, I had felt compelled to put more emphasis on something that I had always enjoyed, and that is writing.
Thank you again.

AP2009-01-24 03:54:08

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