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Children Stories for Grown-Ups: Gary and Pablo Children Stories for Grown-Ups: Gary and Pablo
by Chad Norman
2009-04-05 08:54:07
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Dogs can learn many things if you just give them a chance. This is the story about my two dogs and what they have learned in our house with my wife and I. They are a mixed breed, their main characteristics resemble those of a Rhodesian Ridge-back, the only thing they are missing is the crest of reversed hair along the spine.

We became their slaves…no…I mean owners, ever since they were born. Our neighbor next door had picked up a pregnant female dog of uncertain breed a few years ago. The resulting litter was four beautiful puppies, all male. My neighbor could not keep them all since she already had five other dogs, therefore, we volunteered to keep two, as we did not have any

We named the dark one with black eyes “Pablo”, we thought he had a “Latin” look, whereas the other one by being red-blonde with honey-colored eyes, we named him “Gary”. He had a more “Anglo” look.

Throughout the years, they have learned from us many things; the latest being that they are now learning to use the computer. Gary is well advanced and is now able to get into the internet but, all he wants is to look at websites showing pictures of female dogs. Pablo is not as interested in computers, he likes to eat and likes to watch all the cooking shows on television. His favorite is Julia Childs. He prepares his own meals, in particular Cuban sandwiches. We don’t have to worry about feeding them, they get what they want, when they want it. They have access to the refrigerator and pantry.

They have their own room at the back of the house and sleep on their own beds, Gary is very particular about the bed sheets; they have to be freshly clean. When they wake up in the morning, they make their beds and brush their teeth. Pablo goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast, the smell of the coffee awakes me and my wife and at the same time is the signal for us to wash up and go with them out for a walk. They lead the way – we just follow them. They don’t like to deviate from their established route.

Pablo is the lazy one, he spends most of his time in bed but, he has a keen sense of hearing and when he hears any little noise, he tells Gary to go out and investigate. Gary is the “detective”. He runs out, fast as a bullet and starts barking incessantly. After a while, when the noise had stopped, he runs back in and reports to Pablo that everything is OK. As a reward, Pablo tells him that he can eat a snack and drink water, Gary promptly abides.

They wanted to help me wash my car but, the first and only time they did it, they almost ruined it. They used steel wool pads to remove the stains which left patches of scratched dull spots all over the car. Another reason I don’t let them near my car is because when inside, they want to drive. I told them to study for the driving license but, they would not listen.  They don’t like to study, they don’t want to pursue a career or a College degree. I had even suggested to write for Ovi Magazine but, they think Ovi is a Liberal publication. They are very traditional.

They sometimes take advantage knowing that my wife and I would do just about anything for them. In spite of all, these dogs are a lot of fun. The only advice I would give to potential dog owners is to be careful about what you teach them, they learn fast and some of those things they learn, you might regret it later on.

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AP2009-04-05 13:24:58
You live in an interesting world :D

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