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Children Stories for Grown-Ups: Delicacy Children Stories for Grown-Ups: Delicacy
by Chad Norman
2009-03-27 09:55:35
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The story of how some people can recycle leather shoes for the benefit of a community. This is the story of a tribe in the back woods of a certain Continent here on Earth. Out of  necessity, since there is no more game to be hunted  down for food, and the trees had been cut down by “Civilized “ people, they came up with the novel idea of recycling leather shoes.

The one delicacy that the aborigines of the “Moshoo” tribe in the jungles of this Continent that enjoy the most , is the roasted shoe leather. It goes through a long process; the leather is removed from the shoe, then is kept in water for several days outdoors in order to get rid of all the impurities and chemicals it may had received when the skin was made into leather for shoes.

Once the leather had soften and became puffy, it is placed in a large vat full of condiments and spices, including paprika, hot peppers, and flavoring roots, then it is taken out and let sundry for one day. The following day it is given a coat of pork lard and placed on a large open fire pit where it doesn’t take long to become crispy and easy to cut in small pieces which are enjoyed by the entire tribe on a festive day.

Most of the shoes are collected by the American Peace Corps volunteers who promote it as a big undertaking to provide shoes – new or used - for the aborigines of this Continent. Their main slogan is: “Shoes for Moshoo”. People gladly donate all their used or new leather shoes under the assumption that the shoes will be worn by the people who receive them. Donors have no idea that the shoes will be consumed as a delicacy.

The problem being encountered by the aborigines now is that a large percentage of the shoes that they have received lately, are made in China out of “Man Made Materials.” They are not willing to consume contaminated plastic. Their favorite and most appetizing shoes were the delicious Italian Gucci leather shoes, their second favorite were Brazilian but, they have both become extinct like the dinosaurs.

They are now trying to figure out what other leather goods they can have as a delicacy; Leather handbags from the UK ? Jackets from Canada?  Argentine hats?  German leather gloves? Horse saddles from Texas ?  Marimekko leather coin purses from Finland?   Luggage from Israel? -  The potential is there.

They are in the process of deciding how to go about starting a whole new campaign in order to acquire new donations and who to be in charge, perhaps Mr. Gore? Mrs. Clinton? Mr. Brown?  Hugo Chavez?  Matti Vanhanen ? –  The potential is there.

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