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Children Stories for Grown-Ups: The Light In My Eyes Children Stories for Grown-Ups: The Light In My Eyes
by Chad Norman
2009-03-19 08:29:31
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Every night for the last fifteen years, I had to contend with a light coming from a street lamp that shines through the sliding glass doors, right into my eyes as I am trying to go to sleep.

Our bedroom faces the backyard on the North side of the house. Straight across the street, there is a lamp post with a large lamp that turns on at dusk and off when daylight arrives.

We had gotten used to the location of the bed within that room – placing the bed in another spot is out of the question. I tried to sleep with my feet against the headboard, but my wife believes is kind of weird, she had even mentioned it to relatives as a joke.

In order to avoid the light, I can sleep on the right side of the bed, facing a wall, sleeping on my left side, but after a while, my left arm goes numb and I feel a pain in my chest, therefore, I have to change position and sleep on my back which makes me snore and the light gets on my right eye. After a while, I have to turn right to sleep on my right side but, the light keeps staring directly into my eyes.

I have tried to block the light with my hand, with a pillow, a towel, and the bed sheet, which is fine to get me into a deep sleep, but after a couple of hours, as if the light had a mind of its own, it wakes me up staring right at me. This goes on all night.

It could be easy to just close the vertical blinds to get the light out completely, but that would defeat the original reason for installing the glass doors in the first place.  We installed the glass doors because of the previous claustrophobic feeling in this room. Honestly, we enjoy the view out of the glass doors. My wife had planted a lot of flowers and many colorful plants along with a very green grassy area – it is a beautiful view. Some of the evenings, as the sun goes down and the colors change, are quite amazing. At night during a clear sky, we can watch the stars from our bed and admire how the moon brightens the backyard with a bluish tint; it almost feels as if we were camping.

Every day we watch the miracle of a new day being born right before our eyes and give thanks to God for allowing us to witness his work. The light in my eyes is a very small price to pay.

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Emanuel Paparella2009-03-19 12:55:49
Indeed, Rene, it was the same for the one who escaped Plato's cave and realized that any light that is not the sun's is a derivative light. What is tragic is that those who remained stuck in the cave never realized it.

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