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The New Assistant: Worries The New Assistant: Worries
by Thanos K & Asa B
2008-12-22 09:27:13
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It had been over a week since Matti had received his promotion to chief assistant and in that time the snow storm had become stronger and everybody was working even harder. Mr. Posi, after making his usual rounds in the workshop checking everything and keeping notes in his notebook, saw a light on in the stables and went to investigate. Mika and Prancer were drinking chocolate milk and talking. "Good evening, Mika! Good evening, Prancer! How are you both on this chilly evening?" asked Mr. Posi with his usual cheery tone. "Good evening, Mr. Posi! We're fine, but shouldn't you, well, be in the warehouse supervising your new assistant?" Mr. Posi laughed, "No, no, Matti is doing fine!"

The moose and reindeer didn't look convinced, but they didn't say anything. Mr. Posi wrote something on his clipboard, "So, what are you two doing out here in the stable?" Mika took a sip of his chocolate milk, "Mika and I were just talking about the Big Night that is just around the corner; actually, Matti has decided that we are going to have an extra flying practice tomorrow - Matti has some… suggestions for us!" Mr. Posi began to laugh so hard that the bell on his hat tinkled loudly, "I bet he has! That Mr. Magpie certainly has a lot of ideas!"

When Mr. Posi finally stopped giggling he said, "Actually, if you don't mind, I'd like to come and watch tomorrow's flying practice and see what these suggestions are that Matti has. You never know, I could learn something myself!" Even though Mika Moose had helped save Christmas two years ago when he replaced the ill reindeer he still felt that this was not really his place and that he was somehow an outsider still, "Prancer, do you mind if I come along too?" Prancer looked upset, "Mika! How many times do I have to tell you that you are a member of the team? You are a very valuable member and you don't need to ask for permission!" Mika blushed with pride and joy.

"Well, I must tell you a little secret," confided Mr. Posi, "I hadn't realised how much I needed some rest and I bet tonight I'm going to have another good night's sleep! This new assistant was a brilliant idea and Mr. Magpie is perfect for the job!" Mika and Prancer didn't reply, in fact just before Mr. Posi entered the stable they, like everybody else, had been talking about Matti and his new job. Mika, like everybody else except Santa and Mr. Posi, was really worried, but it was as though Mr. Posi could read his thoughts because he turned with a big smile and said, "No need to worry, Mr. Moose, everything will be fine! Trust me!"

santa07_400Back in the warehouse Matti was still basking in the power of his new role and had never drunk so many cups of hot chocolate or eaten so many biscuits. Today Matti had found the room that was responsible for the Good and Bad List - this was the list that told Santa who should receive a toy in their stocking and who shouldn't. Matti had heard about the List but had never seen it, and now he couldn't resist offering some ideas about the most important part of Santa's Toy Factory.  The dwarf in charge of maintaining the list was called Vinka and he was hard at work trying to keep everything running smoothly, especially with so many children being extra good in the weeks running up to Christmas.

"So, how does the list work, Vinka?" asked Matti, while perched on the poor little dwarf's shoulder. Vinka sighed, "It is quite simple, Matti. There is a point system that automatically records each child's behaviour - if they do something good then they get a point and if they are naughty they lose a point. Simple." Matti hopped on to Vinka's other shoulder, "Hmmm, I have an idea. Let's make the points harder to get and this would reduce the number of children - can you show me if that could work?" Vinka pushed some buttons and the number of Good Children went down by a quarter.

"See!" exclaimed Matti, "That would save us loads of work!" Vinka started smiling, "Yes it would Matti, but, err, you might not want to do that…" Matti hopped on to the desk and stared at Vinka, "Why not? I think it is a good idea and I'll suggest it to Mr. Posi!" Vinka pushed a few more buttons, "Look at that Matti. If you change the numbers then it means you are on the Bad List and won't be getting a present this year!" Matti blushed a deep red, "Ohhh, errm, yes, Vinka, you are right… the old way is much better! Errr, I have to go and see… err, bye!" Matti flew off leaving Vinka chuckling over the funny little magpie's reaction.

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