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The New Assistant: A new programme The New Assistant: A new programme
by Thanos K & Asa B
2008-12-21 08:43:55
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Matti watched Mika walk away and wished that he could have walked into the warehouse on top of his friend's head. It would have been the perfect entrance and everybody would have seen him, but now he would have to walk in and hope Mr. Posi saw him and tell everybody that he was the new assistant. What if he couldn't do the job? What if he failed? Matti's mind was suddenly filled with doubt and worry; he felt his knees start to wobble. "Ah-ha! There you are, Matti!" Matti spun round and saw Mr. Posi walking towards the warehouse doors - he wasn't inside yet!

santa06_400"Hello, Mr. Posi! I'm your new talented and clever assistant!" Mr. Posi, who actually looked quite tired for once, smiled at the small bird, checked his papers on the wooden clipboard he always carried and handed Matti a sheet of paper. "Right then, well since time is not on our side this year you had better start immediately." They walked into the warehouse together and, for a very brief moment, nobody moved, it looked like everybody needed a moment to swallow the news of Matti's promotion - some exchanged a look, some others laughed and there was Uuno still shaking his head.

"Can you go to Section K and check on the doll production and then come and tell me how things are going!" Matti nodded eagerly and rushed into the warehouse and flew over to Section K, "Ha! I can fly all over the warehouse much faster than Mr. Posi can walk, so that will save us lots of valuable time… now where is Section K" thought Matti to himself. Matti had never quite realised just how big Santa's Toy Factory actually was, since he had only visited occasionally to help out in the final stages, so it took Matti quite a while to actually find Section K.

Matti was a little out of breath when he finally arrived at the right section, but he remembered his serious job and approached the elves and dwarfs who were busily fixing doll heads, arms and legs to bodies and dressing them in pretty pink dresses before placing them into boxes. A few steps before the table, he stopped, put his wings behind him and, very seriously, said, "I am the chief’s new assistant, report please!" The five elves and two dwarves stopped working, looked at each other and then at the bird wondering what to say.

"Report, please!" Matti demanded again, while some of the other nearby sections had also stopped working and were watching the funny little bird. One of the dwarves put a doll back o the work bench and walked up to Matti, "Matti, it is me, Ronny! We often eat chocolate biscuits together!" Ronny tried to smile but Matti didn't even bother to look at him, he just repeated, "Report, please!" in a demanding voice that was and wasn't his. Ronny obviously thought that this was some kind of joke, so he stood to attention and played along, "Well, Matti, sir! We have almost finished today's quota of 5,000 dolls with pink dresses and will be going on a break soon."

"Hmmm!" replied the bird and wrote something on his piece o paper. He looked up, thought for a moment and said in a voice loud enough for a lot of people to hear, "Hmmm! That's exactly the problem! This is what we are going to do: we will increase our productivity to ten extra dolls an hour and by the end of the day we will have an extra 240 dolls!" Everybody was now unsure whether Matti's performance was actually a joke or for real, so they remained quiet. "I have another idea: we will bring two of the elves from the toy car table here to help thereby finishing all the dolls we need in two days!"

Matti checked his piece of paper, "Hmmm! Actually, we will bring three from the toy car table and we will finish all the orders one day earlier!" Ronny could see that this idea would mean that the toy cars wouldn't be finished on time, "Hey, Matti… you could take the three extra people you have given us here at the doll table and move them to the toy car table and everything will be ready on time." Matti was quiet for a moment, "Hmmm! Good idea Ronny! Good idea! But, Ronny, when we are at work I am not your pal, so please call me sir!"

"You see, Ronny, how these things can be sorted out easily if you are talented and clever like me!" Matti sighed, "Err, didn't you say something about taking a break? I really fancy a cup of hot chocolate and a chocolate biscuit now to recover - all these responsibilities are making me so tired!" Matti flew off to have a well-deserved break leaving the dwarves and elves baffled by the little bird's ideas. Ronny turned to his friend Firgo, "I think we could be in deep trouble!"

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