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The New Assistant: A surprise visitor The New Assistant: A surprise visitor
by Thanos K & Asa B
2008-12-14 09:57:43
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"He'll be fine," said one voice, "When will he be awake?" asked another, "Is there anything more I can do?" added a third voice, "It is all my fault!" whispered a more familiar voice making Matti open his eyes to reveal that he had been awake for a while just listening to the fuss going on around him. Matti was laying inside the reindeer stable with a warm blanket laid over him and his little red scarf was drying on a hook nearby. Now that his eyes were open he could put faces to voices; the first was Doctor Uro, the second was Uuno, the third was Henry the snowman gatekeeper and the last voice was his best friend Mika.

"You great big silly moose," said Matti, "It wasn't your fault at all; I was the one who went walking in the snow with only a red scarf on. Anyway, what happened to me? The last thing I remember was looking for you and seeing you by the gates, and then, and then… nothing until I woke up here." Henry the Snowman told Matti how he had been walking towards the gate to take over from Harry when he saw Matti walk out into the snow, become disorientated and collapse, so he quickly carried him inside the stable and got help.

"You were very lucky I was close-by or you would have turned into a magpie icicle," smiled Henry. Matti thanked Henry for everything and took a sip of water from a glass, "I should have known you would be in the stables, Mika! It is your favourite place. I was coming to say sorry for upsetting you and I was hoping we could be friends again." Mika looked down at the ground, "But Matti, do you know what you are saying sorry for?"

"No," whispered the little bird feeling a little bit embarrassed, "What did I say? What did I say that has made everybody so angry?" The big snowman stood there looking at the little bird in amazement, how could that be truth? The big snowman was wondering, how this little bird could not understand what he had said. "You know Matti," said Henry, "I think that Uuno is right about you, sometimes you say things before you think about them!" Now the little bird was feeling anger building up inside him, why was everybody so unfair with him? "But, but," he tried to say but Henry had already started moving away shaking his head with sad disapproval.

Suddenly everybody around him had gone crazy and they didn’t want to listen to him, even his best friend didn’t want to listen to him. Matti took a deep breath, "All I was saying that this is too much work for Mr. Posi and things are getting too much for him to handle and it is time for him to get an assistant somebody talented and clever that can help him and I think that this assistant should be me since I am talented and clever!"

santa04Before anybody could answer the stable was filled with a very familiar laugh that made everybody jump, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Matti rubbed his eyes with his wings, "S-S-S-Santa!" Santa was dressed in his usual red trousers and black boots, but he was wearing just a white t-shirt on top, since the red jacket is only for special occasions, such as Christmas Eve. "Hello, Matti, I hope you are feeling better after your little sleep in the snow! I couldn't help overhearing your comments about Mr. Posi needing an assistant and I think it is a very good idea, although, Matti, you shouldn't judge people's abilities by their age - I'm a few hundred years old myself, you know."

Matti nodded and looked down at his feet. "However, Mr. Matti, if you are feeling better and if you think you can manage the job, then Mr. Posi is expecting you in the warehouse. Both Mr. Posi and I have agreed that he needs some extra help this year, especially from somebody so talented and clever, so you will be the assistant chef in my workshop! Do you think you can manage that?" Everybody looked at the magpie waiting for the talkative bird to say something, but Matti was stood frozen to the spot in shock and surprise. Just before Santa left the stable he turned around and said, "You know Mr. Matti, I think this job will really be quite an experience for you… Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa winked at the bird and left them all in disbelief.

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